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Scott J Patterson
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Patterson, Scott J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
122-Oct-2019Diabetes and higher HbA1c levels are independently associated with adverse renal outcomes in inpatients following multiple hospital admissions.Torkamani, Niloufar ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Jerums, George ; Beik, V; Radcliffe, N ; Patterson, S ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Burns, James D; Hart, Graeme K ; Lam, Que T ; Power, David A ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Johnson, D F; Zajac, Jeffrey; Ekinci, Elif I 
2Jun-2017Five-year efficacy and safety of tenofovir-based salvage therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis B who previously failed LAM/ADV therapy.Lim, Lucy ; Thompson, Alexander; Patterson, Scott J ; George, Jacob; Strasser, Simone; Lee, Alice; Sievert, William; Nicoll, Amanda; Desmond, Paul; Roberts, Stuart; Marion, Kaye; Bowden, Scott; Locarnini, Stephen; Angus, Peter
31-Jun-2009Post-liver transplant hepatitis B prophylaxis: the role of oral nucleos(t)ide analogues.Patterson, Scott J ; Angus, Peter W 
41-Nov-2008A randomized study of adefovir dipivoxil in place of HBIG in combination with lamivudine as post-liver transplantation hepatitis B prophylaxis.Angus, Peter W ; Patterson, Scott J ; Strasser, Simone I; McCaughan, Geoffrey W; Gane, Edward
51-Oct-2008Liver transplantation for hepatitis B: what is the best hepatitis B immune globulin/antiviral regimen?Angus, Peter W ; Patterson, Scott J