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Toby B Cumming
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Cumming, Toby B
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2021Hippocampal Volume and Amyloid PET Status Three Years After Ischemic Stroke: A Pilot Study.Brodtmann, Amy ; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Bird, Laura J; Cumming, Toby B ; Werden, Emilio 
29-Oct-2020Determining Maximal Tolerable Aerobic Training Intensity in the Acute Phase after Stroke: a Novel Dose Ranging Trial Protocol.Kramer, Sharon F ; Cumming, Toby B ; Johnson, Liam G ; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie
310-Oct-2019Safety of performing a graded exercise test early after stroke and transient ischaemic attack.Johnson, Liam G ; Kramer, Sharon F ; Catanzariti, Gabriella; Kaffenberger, Tina; Cumming, Toby B ; Bernhardt, Julie
410-Oct-2019The stroke exercise preference inventory is feasible to use in a community rehabilitation setting.Blennerhassett, Jannette M ; Cooper, Tom; Logan, Alison; Cumming, Toby B 
5Dec-2018The Post Ischaemic Stroke Cardiovascular Exercise Study: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of fitness training for brain health.Johnson, Liam G ; Werden, Emilio ; Shirbin, Chris; Bird, Laura ; Landau, Elizabeth; Cumming, Toby B ; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie A; Thijs, Vincent N ; Brodtmann, Amy 
6Apr-2018The Energy Cost of Steady State Physical Activity in Acute Stroke.Kramer, Sharon Flora; Cumming, Toby B ; Bernhardt, Julie; Johnson, Liam G 
77-Apr-2017Does left ventricular hypertrophy affect cognition and brain structural integrity in type 2 diabetes? Study design and rationale of the Diabetes and Dementia (D2) studyPatel, Sheila K ; Restrepo, Carolina; Werden, Emilio ; Churilov, Leonid ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Ramchand, Jay ; Wai, Bryan; Chambers, Brian R ; O’Callaghan, Christopher J; Darby, David; Hachinski, Vladimir; Cumming, Toby B ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Burrell, Louise M ; Brodtmann, Amy 
8Oct-2015A Phase 1 exercise dose escalation study for stroke survivors with impaired walking.Dite, Wayne ; Langford, Zoe N ; Cumming, Toby B ; Churilov, Leonid ; Blennerhassett, Jannette M ; Bernhardt, Julie
93-Jun-2014Charting cognitive and volumetric trajectories after stroke: protocol for the Cognition And Neocortical Volume After Stroke (CANVAS) study.Brodtmann, Amy ; Werden, Emilio ; Pardoe, Heath R; Li, Qi; Jackson, Graeme D; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Cowie, Tiffany; Bradshaw, Jennifer; Darby, David G; Cumming, Toby B 
1022-Oct-2013The elephant in the single room debate: keeping patients active.Bernhardt, Julie; Cumming, Toby B 
111-Aug-2011An early mobilization protocol successfully delivers more and earlier therapy to acute stroke patients: further results from phase II of AVERT.van Wijk, Renske; Cumming, Toby B ; Churilov, Leonid ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Bernhardt, Julie
121-Aug-2008The effect of very early mobilisation after stroke on psychological well-being.Cumming, Toby B ; Collier, Janice M; Thrift, Amanda G; Bernhardt, Julie