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Amy Brodtmann
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Brodtmann, Amy
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2021EXPRESS: Pre-Stroke Physical Activity and Admission Stroke Severity: A Systematic Review.Hung, Stanley Hughwa; Ebaid, Deena; Kramer, Sharon F ; Werden, Emilio ; Baxter, Helen ; Campbell, Bruce; Brodtmann, Amy 
228-Jan-2021Imaging Markers of Brain Frailty and Outcome in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke.Bu, Ning; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Lemmens, Robin; Wouters, Anke; Fiebach, Jochen B; Chamorro, Angel; Ringelstein, E Bernd; Norrving, Bo; Laage, Rico; Grond, Martin; Wilms, Guido; Brodtmann, Amy ; Thijs, Vincent N 
3Jan-2021Advancing Stroke Recovery Through Improved Articulation of Nonpharmacological Intervention Dose.Hayward, Kathryn S ; Churilov, Leonid ; Dalton, Emily J; Brodtmann, Amy ; Campbell, Bruce C V; Copland, David; Dancause, Numa; Godecke, Erin; Hoffmann, Tammy C; Lannin, Natasha A; McDonald, Matthew W; Corbett, Dale; Bernhardt, Julie
421-Oct-2020Microstructural degeneration and cerebrovascular risk burden underlying executive dysfunction after stroke.Veldsman, Michele; Werden, Emilio ; Egorova, Natalia; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Brodtmann, Amy 
525-Sep-2020Sleep-wake parameters can be detected in chronic stroke patients using a multi-sensor accelerometer: a validation study.Gottlieb, Elie; Churilov, Leonid ; Werden, Emilio ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Pase, Matthew P; Egorova, Natalia; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
6Sep-2020Dynamic Regional Brain Atrophy Rates in the First Year After Ischemic Stroke.Brodtmann, Amy ; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Egorova, Natalia; Veldsman, Michele; Bird, Laura J; Werden, Emilio 
74-Jun-2020Dementia is associated with poorer quality of care and outcomes after stroke: An Observational Study.Callisaya, Michele L; Purvis, Tara; Lawler, Katherine; Brodtmann, Amy ; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kilkenny, Monique F
828-Mar-2020Regional neurodegeneration correlates with sleep-wake dysfunction after stroke.Gottlieb, Elie; Egorova, Natalia; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Khan, Wasim; Werden, Emilio ; Pase, Matthew P; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
92020In vivo microstructural heterogeneity of white matter lesions in healthy elderly and Alzheimer's disease participants using tissue compositional analysis of diffusion MRI data.Mito, Remika; Dhollander, Thijs; Xia, Ying; Raffelt, David; Salvado, Olivier; Churilov, Leonid ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Brodtmann, Amy ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Connelly, Alan
1019-Dec-2019The heterogeneous functional architecture of the posteromedial cortex is associated with selective functional connectivity differences in Alzheimer's disease.Khan, Wasim; Amad, Ali; Giampietro, Vincent; Werden, Emilio ; De Simoni, Sara; O'Muircheartaigh, Jonathan; Westman, Eric; O'Daly, Owen; Williams, Steve C R; Brodtmann, Amy 
1122-Oct-2019Assessment of longitudinal hippocampal atrophy in the first year after ischemic stroke using automatic segmentation techniques.Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Werden, Emilio ; Egorova, Natalia; Boccardi, Marina; Redolfi, Alberto; Bird, Laura ; Brodtmann, Amy 
1229-Jul-2019APOE ɛ4 Carriers Show Delayed Recovery of Verbal Memory and Smaller Entorhinal Volume in the First Year After Ischemic Stroke.Werden, Emilio ; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Bird, Laura J; Cumming, Toby; Bradshaw, Jennifer; Khan, Wasim; Pase, Matthew; Restrepo, Carolina; Veldsman, Michele; Egorova, Natalia; Patel, Sheila K ; Gottlieb, Elie; Brodtmann, Amy 
1325-Jul-2019A systematic review protocol of timing, efficacy and cost effectiveness of upper limb therapy for motor recovery post-stroke.Hayward, Kathryn S ; Kramer, Sharon F ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Ratcliffe, Julie; Ward, Nick S; Churilov, Leonid ; Jolliffe, Laura; Corbett, Dale; Cloud, Geoffrey; Kaffenberger, Tina; Brodtmann, Amy ; Bernhardt, Julie; Lannin, Natasha A
14Jun-2019The bidirectional impact of sleep and circadian rhythm dysfunction in human ischaemic stroke: A systematic reviewGottlieb, Elie; Landau, Elizabeth; Baxter, Helen ; Werden, Emilio ; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
152019Disconnectomics: Stroke-related disconnection and dysfunction in distributed brain networks.Veldsman, Michele; Brodtmann, Amy 
162019Sexual Dimorphism of Resting-State Network Connectivity in Healthy Ageing.Jamadar, Sharna D; Sforazzini, Francesco; Raniga, Parnesh; Ferris, Nicholas J; Paton, Bryan; Bailey, Michael J; Brodtmann, Amy ; Yates, Paul A ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Ward, Stephanie A; Woods, Robyn L; Storey, Elsdon; McNeil, John J; Egan, Gary F
17Dec-2018The Post Ischaemic Stroke Cardiovascular Exercise Study: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of fitness training for brain health.Johnson, Liam G ; Werden, Emilio ; Shirbin, Chris; Bird, Laura ; Landau, Elizabeth; Cumming, Toby B ; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie A; Thijs, Vincent N ; Brodtmann, Amy 
18Mar-2018Left ventricular hypertrophy and cognitive function: a systematic review.Restrepo, C; Patel, Sheila K ; Rethnam, Venesha; Werden, E ; Ramchand, Jay ; Churilov, Leonid ; Burrell, Louise M ; Brodtmann, A 
194-Jan-2018Fibre-specific white matter reductions in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment.Mito, Remika; Raffelt, David; Dhollander, Thijs; Vaughan, David N; Tournier, J-Donald; Salvado, Olivier; Brodtmann, Amy ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Connelly, Alan
202018Reply: Cortical tau pathology: a major player in fibre-specific white matter reductions in Alzheimer's disease?Mito, Remika; Raffelt, David; Dhollander, Thijs; Vaughan, David N; Tournier, J-Donald; Salvado, Olivier; Brodtmann, Amy ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Connelly, Alan