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Brian R Chambers
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Chambers, Brian R
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
118-Jan-2021Occlusive Disease and Upright Activity in Acute Ischemic Stroke.Carvalho, Lilian B; Chambers, Brian R ; Borschmann, Karen ; Kaffenberger, Tina; Churilov, Leonid ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Bernhardt, Julie
213-May-2020Cerebral haemodynamics with head position changes post-ischaemic stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Carvalho, Lilian B; Kramer, Sharon F ; Borschmann, Karen ; Chambers, Brian R ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Bernhardt, Julie
32019Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Is Associated With Circadian and Other Variability in Embolus Detection.Abbott, Anne L; Merican, Julia; Pearce, Dora C; Juric, Ana; Worsnop, Christopher J ; Foster, Emma; Chambers, Brian R 
4Oct-2018Persistently Elevated Microvascular Resistance Postrecanalization.Ng, Felix C ; Coulton, Bronwyn; Chambers, Brian R ; Thijs, Vincent N 
57-Apr-2017Does left ventricular hypertrophy affect cognition and brain structural integrity in type 2 diabetes? Study design and rationale of the Diabetes and Dementia (D2) studyPatel, Sheila K ; Restrepo, Carolina; Werden, Emilio ; Churilov, Leonid ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Ramchand, Jay ; Wai, Bryan; Chambers, Brian R ; O’Callaghan, Christopher J; Darby, David; Hachinski, Vladimir; Cumming, Toby B ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Burrell, Louise M ; Brodtmann, Amy 
624-Sep-2013Internal jugular and vertebral vein volume flow in patients with clinically isolated syndrome or mild multiple sclerosis and healthy controls: results from a prospective sonographer-blinded study.Chambers, Brian R ; Chambers, Jayne; Churilov, Leonid ; Cameron, Heather; Macdonell, Richard A L 
77-Sep-2012Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is not more prevalent in patients with mild multiple sclerosis: a sonographer-blinded, case-control ultrasound study.Chambers, Brian R ; Chambers, Jayne; Cameron, Heather; Macdonell, Richard A L 
8Nov-2011Multidisciplinary approach to carotid stentingMak, CS; Chambers, Brian R ; Clark, DJ; Molan, M; Brooks, M; Roberts, N; Fell, G; Roberts, AK; New, G; Donnan, GA
9Oct-2011Accuracy of national mortality codes in identifying adjudicated cardiovascular deathsHarriss, Linton R; Ajani, Andrew E; Hunt, David; Shaw, James; Chambers, Brian R ; Dewey, Helen; Frayne, Judith; Beauchamp, Alison; Duvé, Karen; Giles, Graham G; Harrap, Stephen; Magliano, Dianna J; Liew, Danny; McNeil, John; Peeters, Anna; Stebbing, Margaret; Wolfe, Rory; Tonkin, Andrew
10Apr-2011Guidelines for patient selection and performance of carotid artery stentingCarotid Stenting Guidelines Committee: an Inter-collegiate Committee of the RACP (ANZAN, CSANZ), RACS (ANZSVS) and RANZCR; Bladin, Christopher; Chambers, Brian R ; Crimmins, Denis; Donnan, G ; Frayne, Judith; Levi, C; Muller, D; New, G; Denton, M; Lawrence-Brown, M; Scroop, R
1112-Dec-2010Diagnostic accuracy of acute vestibular syndrome at the bedside in a stroke unit.Chen, L; Lee, W; Chambers, Brian R ; Dewey, Helen M
12Jan-2010End-of-life decision-making in individuals with locked-in syndrome in the acute period after brainstem stroke.Anderson, J F I; Augoustakis, Lia V; Holmes, R J; Chambers, Brian R 
131-Dec-2009Carotid angioplasty and stenting: will it ever replace endarterectomy?Chambers, Brian R 
1429-Jan-2009Paracentral strip infarcts of the middle cerebral artery: borderzone ischaemia or cortical artery occlusion?Iwanaga, Takeshi; Arakawa, Shuji; Siritho, Sasitorn; Fitt, Gregory J ; Dewey, Helen M; Chambers, Brian R ; Donnan, Geoffrey A 
151-Apr-2007Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis.Chambers, Brian R ; Roberts, Neil G
161-Feb-2007What should we do with asymptomatic carotid stenosis?Abbott, Anne L; Bladin, Christopher; Levi, Christopher R; Chambers, Brian R 
171-Jan-2007Mycophenolate mofetil substitution for cyclosporine-dependent myasthenia gravis and nephrotoxicity.Lim, A K H; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Chambers, Brian R ; Ierino, F L
185-Sep-2006Clinical application of transcranial Doppler monitoring for embolic signals.Azarpazhooh, M R; Chambers, Brian R 
1919-Oct-2005Carotid endarterectomy for asymptomatic carotid stenosis.Chambers, Brian R ; Donnan, Geoffrey A 
205-May-2005Embolic signals and prediction of ipsilateral stroke or transient ischemic attack in asymptomatic carotid stenosis: a multicenter prospective cohort study.Abbott, Anne L; Chambers, Brian R ; Stork, Jacinda L; Levi, Christopher R; Bladin, Christopher; Donnan, Geoffrey A