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Laura Bird
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Bird, Laura
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
115-Apr-2021Sleep architectural dysfunction and undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea after chronic ischemic stroke.Gottlieb, Elie; Khlif, Mohamed S; Bird, Laura ; Werden, Emilio ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Pase, Matthew P; Egorova, Natalia; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
222-Oct-2019Assessment of longitudinal hippocampal atrophy in the first year after ischemic stroke using automatic segmentation techniques.Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Werden, Emilio ; Egorova, Natalia; Boccardi, Marina; Redolfi, Alberto; Bird, Laura ; Brodtmann, Amy 
3Dec-2018The Post Ischaemic Stroke Cardiovascular Exercise Study: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of fitness training for brain health.Johnson, Liam G ; Werden, Emilio ; Shirbin, Chris; Bird, Laura ; Landau, Elizabeth; Cumming, Toby B ; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie A; Thijs, Vincent N ; Brodtmann, Amy 
42017Structural MRI markers of brain aging early after ischemic strokeWerden, Emilio ; Cumming, Toby; Li, Qi; Bird, Laura ; Veldsman, Michele; Pardoe, Heath R; Jackson, Graeme D ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Brodtmann, Amy