Natalie Yang

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Natalie Yang
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Yang, Natalie
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2023Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism and Anticoagulant Therapy: The Impact of Clinical Context.Dahan, Ariel ; Farina, Sergio; Holmes, Natasha E ; Kachel, Stefan; McDonald, Christine F ; Lewis, Jane E ; Marhoon, Nada ; Yanase, Fumitaka ; Yang, Natalie ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
2Feb-2023Provision of feedback to radiology trainees: Barriers and inefficiencies, why it matters and a potential solution.Stewart, Michael; Yang, Natalie ; Lim, Ruth P 
3Jan-2023Endometriosis: A multimodal imaging review.Quesada, Juan; Härmä, Kirsi; Reid, Shannon; Rao, Tanushree; Lo, Glen; Yang, Natalie ; Karia, Sonal; Lee, Emmeline; Borok, Nira
4May-2022Preoperative Imaging in Patients with Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis (DIE): An Important aid in Predicting Depth of Infiltration in Rectosigmoid Disease.Sloss, Samantha; Mooney, Samantha; Ellett, Lenore; Readman, Emma; Ma, Tony; Brouwer, Richard; Yang, Natalie ; Stone, Kate; Maher, Peter; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn 
5May-2022Preoperative Imaging in Patients with Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: An Important Aid in Predicting Depth of Infiltration in Rectosigmoid Disease.Sloss, Samantha; Mooney, Samantha; Ellett, Lenore; Readman, Emma; Ma, Tony; Brouwer, Richard; Yang, Natalie ; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; Stone, Kate; Maher, Peter
6Aug-2021Diagnostic Utility of MRI Features of Placental Adhesion Disorder for Abnormal Placentation and Massive Postpartum Hemorrhage.Stewart, Michael John; Richmond, Danielle ; Mooney, Samantha; Esler, Stephen J ; Churilov, Leonid ; Israelsohn, Neil; Yang, Natalie 
7Jun-2021Radiologically and clinically diagnosed acute pulmonary oedema in critically ill patients: prevalence, patient characteristics, treatments and outcomes.El-Khawas, Khaled; Richmond, Danielle ; Zwakman-Hessels, Lara; Cutuli, Salvatore L ; Belletti, Alessandro; Naorungroj, Thummaporn ; Abdelkarim, Hussam; Yang, Natalie ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
8Mar-2020Prevalence, characteristics, drainage and outcome of radiologically diagnosed pleural effusions in critically ill patients.Bates, Davina; Yang, Natalie ; Bailey, Michael; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
9Dec-2019Deep infiltrating endometriosis: Can magnetic resonance imaging anticipate the need for colorectal surgeon intervention?Brusic, Ana; Esler, Stephen J ; Churilov, Leonid ; Chowdary, Prathima ; Sleeman, Matthew ; Maher, Peter; Yang, Natalie 
1015-Mar-2019Invisible cortex sign: A highly accurate feature to localize the inferolateral central sulcus.Su, Shu; Yang, Natalie ; Gaillard, Frank
11Dec-2016Magnetic resonance imaging features of gemistocytic astrocytomaSimkin, Paul M; Yang, Natalie ; Tsui, Alpha; Kalnins, Renate M; Fitt, Greg; Gaillard, Frank
12Nov-2015Endometriosis: Does the menstrual cycle affect magnetic resonance (MR) imaging evaluation?Botterill, Elissa M; Esler, Stephen J ; McIlwaine, Kate T; Jagasia, Nisha; Ellett, Lenore; Maher, Peter J; Yang, Natalie 
13Nov-2015Ability of MRI and ultrasound with multidisciplinary meeting to pre operatively predict the need for bowel resectionMaher, Peter J; Ma, T; Ellett, Lenore; Stone, K; Yang, Natalie ; Esler, Stephen; Brouwer, R; McIlwaine, Kate; Manwaring, J; Readman, Emma
147-Jun-2014Diffusion-weighted imaging properties of uterine fibroids pre- and post-uterine fibroid embolisation.Kirpalani, Anish; Chong, Jennifer; Yang, Natalie ; Jenkins, Sarah J; Nisenbaum, Rosane; Prabhudesai, Vikramaditya; Anthwal, Shalini; Colak, Errol
154-Mar-2013Bilateral thigh pain after treatment for prostate cancer.Trubiano, Jason ; Yang, Natalie ; Mahony, Andrew A 
1612-Apr-2008An assessment of the accuracy of renal blood flow estimation by Doppler ultrasound.Wan, Li; Yang, Natalie ; Hiew, Chee-Yan; Schelleman, Anthony ; Johnson, Lynne; May, Clive N; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
171-Dec-2007Intramural haematoma of the oesophagus presenting as an unusual complication of endotracheal intubation.Wang, A Y; Riordan, R D; Yang, N ; Hiew, C-y