Anthony J M Verberne

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Anthony J M Verberne
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Verberne, Anthony J M
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2022Autonomic dysregulation in sudep: Basic and clinical implications.Sabetghadam, A; Verberne, Anthony J M 
2Jun-2022Neural control of pancreatic peptide hormone secretion.Verberne, Anthony J M ; Mussa, Bashair M
317-Mar-2021COVID-19 and Neurological Impairment: Hypothalamic Circuits and Beyond.Mussa, Bashair M; Srivastava, Ankita; Verberne, Anthony J M 
42-Dec-2020Descending modulation of laryngeal vagal sensory processing in the brainstem orchestrated by the submedius thalamic nucleus.Mazzone, Stuart B; Bautista, Tara G; Verberne, Anthony J M ; Trewella, Matthew W; Farrell, Michael J; McGovern, Alice E
5Oct-2020Nitric oxide interacts with cholinoceptors to modulate insulin secretion by pancreatic β cells.Mussa, Bashair M; Srivastava, Ankita; Mohammed, Abdul Khader; Verberne, Anthony J M 
614-Sep-2018Implication of neurohormonal-coupled mechanisms of gastric emptying and pancreatic secretory function in diabetic gastroparesis.Mussa, Bashair M; Sood, Sanjay; Verberne, Anthony J M 
72018Insulin-responsive autonomic neurons in rat medulla oblongataSenthilkumaran, M; Bobrovskaya, L; Verberne, Anthony J M ; Llewellyn-Smith, Ida J
8Mar-2017Perifornical hypothalamic pathway to the adrenal gland: Role for glutamatergic transmission in the glucose counter-regulatory response.Sabetghadam, A; Korim, W S; Verberne, Anthony J M 
919-Oct-2016A Simple Picaxe Microcontroller Pulse Source for Juxtacellular Neuronal Labelling.Verberne, Anthony J M 
10Feb-2016Activation of medulla-projecting perifornical neurons modulates the adrenal sympathetic response to hypoglycemia: involvement of orexin type 2 (OX2-R) receptorsKorim, Willian S; Llewellyn-Smith, Ida J; Verberne, Anthony J M 
1126-Feb-2014Neural pathways that control the glucose counterregulatory response.Verberne, Anthony J M ; Sabetghadam, Azadeh; Korim, Willian S
1218-Feb-2014Orexinergic activation of medullary premotor neurons modulates the adrenal sympathoexcitation to hypothalamic glucoprivation.Korim, Willian S; Bou Farah, Lama; McMullan, Simon; Verberne, Anthony J M 
131-Jun-2012The dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus and regulation of pancreatic secretory function.Mussa, Bashair M; Verberne, Anthony J M 
149-May-2012Highlights in basic autonomic neurosciences: autonomic control of the counter-regulatory response and glucose homeostasis.Verberne, Anthony J M ; Gilbey, Michael P
1516-Apr-2011Effects of nitric oxide synthase blockade on dorsal vagal stimulation-induced pancreatic insulin secretion.Mussa, Bashair M; Sartor, Daniela M; Rantzau, Christian; Verberne, Anthony J M 
1626-Mar-2010Dorsal vagal preganglionic neurons: differential responses to CCK1 and 5-HT3 receptor stimulation.Mussa, Bashair M; Sartor, Daniela M; Verberne, Anthony J M 
1725-Nov-2009Gastric leptin: a novel role in cardiovascular regulation.Sartor, Daniela M; Verberne, Anthony J M 
189-Nov-2008Activation of cholecystokinin (CCK 1) and serotonin (5-HT 3) receptors increases the discharge of pancreatic vagal afferents.Mussa, Bashair M; Sartor, Daniela M; Verberne, Anthony J M 
1912-Jul-2008Abdominal vagal signalling: a novel role for cholecystokinin in circulatory control?Sartor, Daniela M; Verberne, Anthony J M 
2027-Dec-2007Activation of the dorsal vagal nucleus increases pancreatic exocrine secretion in the rat.Mussa, Bashair M; Verberne, Anthony J M