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Jeremy H Russell
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Russell, Jeremy H
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
121-Jan-2021Review of deep learning algorithms for the automatic detection of intracranial hemorrhages on computed tomography head imaging.Yeo, Melissa; Tahayori, Bahman; Kok, Hong Kuan; Maingard, Julian; Kutaiba, Numan ; Russell, Jeremy H ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Jhamb, Ashu; Chandra, Ronil V; Brooks, Duncan Mark ; Barras, Christen D; Asadi, Hamed 
218-May-2020Antiplatelet Drugs for Neurointerventions: Part 1 Clinical Pharmacology.Pearce, Samuel; Maingard, Julian T; Li, Kenny; Kok, Hong Kuan; Barras, Christen D; Russell, Jeremy H ; Hirsch, Joshua A; Chandra, Ronil V; Jhamb, Ash; Thijs, Vincent N ; Brooks, Duncan Mark ; Asadi, Hamed 
321-Feb-2020Proposed pathway for patients undergoing enhanced recovery after spinal surgery: protocol for a systematic review.Licina, Ana ; Silvers, Andrew; Laughlin, Harry; Russell, Jeremy H ; Wan, Crispin
4Jun-2019A review on the management of cerebral vasospasm following aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage.Li, Kenny; Barras, Christen D; Chandra, Ronil V; Kok, Hong Kuan; Maingard, Julian T; Carter, Nicole S; Russell, Jeremy H ; Lai, Leon; Brooks, Duncan Mark ; Asadi, Hamed