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Gaca, Michele JaneGaca,
Yeomans, Neville

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11-Apr-2007The accuracy of cystatin C and commonly used creatinine-based methods for detecting moderate and mild chronic kidney disease in diabetes.Macisaac, Richard J; Tsalamandris, Con; Thomas, Merlin C; Premaratne, Erosha ; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Smith, T J; Poon, A ; Jenkins, Margaret A; Ratnaike, S I; Power, David Anthony; Jerums, George 
22018Acute pancreatitis with long-term celecoxib vs. ibuprofen or naproxen: data from the PRECISION trial.Yeomans, Neville D ; Graham, David Y; Wang, Qiuqing; Wolski, Kathy; Borer, Jeffrey; Husni, M Elaine; Libby, Peter; Lincoff, A Michael; Lüscher, Thomas; Wisniewski, Lisa M; Bao, Warren; Walker, Chris; Nissen, Steven E
31-Jul-1992Ageing has no effect on the volume density of hepatocytes, reticulo-endothelial cells or the extracellular space in livers of female Sprague-Dawley rats.Martin, G; Sewell, Richard B; Yeomans, Neville D ; Smallwood, R A
41-Mar-2001Aminoguanidine and ramipril prevent diabetes-induced increases in protein kinase C activity in glomeruli, retina and mesenteric artery.Osicka, Tanya M; Yu, Y; Lee, V ; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Kemp, Bruce E; Jerums, George 
51-Jan-1998Aminoguanidine has an anti-atherogenic effect in the cholesterol-fed rabbit.Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; O'Brien, R C; Bucala, R; Cooper, Mark E; Jerums, George 
621-Dec-2022Analysis of Serum Advanced Glycation Endproducts Reveals Methylglyoxal-Derived Advanced Glycation MG-H1 Free Adduct Is a Risk Marker in Non-Diabetic and Diabetic Chronic Kidney Disease.Rabbani, Naila; Adaikalakoteswari, Antonysunil; Larkin, James R; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Yue, Dennis K; Fulcher, Gregory R; Roberts, Matthew A; Thomas, Merlin; Ekinci, Elif I ; Thornalley, Paul J
71-Nov-2000Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition reduces retinal overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor and hyperpermeability in experimental diabetes.Gilbert, Richard E; Kelly, D J; Cox, Allison J; Wilkinson-Berka, J L; Rumble, J R; Osicka, Tanya M; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Lee, V ; Hendrich, E C; Jerums, George ; Cooper, Mark E
812-Oct-1995Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphism in type II diabetic patients with increased albumin excretion rate.Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Smith, T J; Aldred, G P; Baker, E J; Jacklin, C J; Jerums, George 
930-May-2019Ask an Informationist - engaging with the evidenceBaxter, Helen ; Gaca, Michele 
1023-May-2008Association between intrarenal arterial resistance and diastolic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes.MacIsaac, Richard J; Thomas, Merlin C; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Smith, Trudy J; Hao, Huming ; Matthews, D Geoffrey; Jerums, George ; Burrell, Louise M ; Srivastava, Piyush M 
1113-Oct-2011Association of ACE2 genetic variants with blood pressure, left ventricular mass, and cardiac function in Caucasians with type 2 diabetes.Patel, Sheila K ; Wai, Bryan; Ord, Michelle; MacIsaac, Richard J; Grant, Sharon L; Velkoska, Elena; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Jerums, George ; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Burrell, Louise M 
12Oct-2020Austin Health excels at research output - but how do we know?Gaca, Michele ; Newnham, Rachel ; Baxter, Helen ; McKenzie, Amy 
132018Australian health libraries’ contributions to hospital accreditation: final results of the Health Libraries for National Standards (HeLiNS) 2016-18 research project.Ritchie, Ann; Gaca, Michele ; Siemensma, Gemma; Taylor, Jeremy; Gilbert, Cecily
141-Mar-1988Calcium-mediated damage during post-ischaemic reperfusion.Nayler, W G; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Elz, J S; Daly, Mark J
1522-Jan-2015Cardiovascular outcomes with antihypertensive therapy in type 2 diabetes: an analysis of intervention trials.Jerums, George ; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Ekinci, Elif I ; MacIsaac, Richard J
1623-May-2010The clinical significance of hyperfiltration in diabetes.Jerums, George ; Premaratne, Erosha ; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; MacIsaac, Richard J
171-Oct-1994Complementary effects of pravastatin and nicotinic acid in the treatment of combined hyperlipidaemia in diabetic and non-diabetic patients.Tsalamandris, Con; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Sinha, A; Cooper, Mark E; Jerums, George 
182020The contribution of Australian Hospital Libraries to improving consumer health literacy: four case studiesRitchie, Ann; Siemensma, Gemma; Gilbert, Cecily; Gaca, Michele ; Taylor, Jeremy
1926-Apr-2012The CTGF gene -945 G/C polymorphism is not associated with cardiac or kidney complications in subjects with type 2 diabetes.Patel, Sheila K ; Wai, Bryan; MacIsaac, Richard J; Grant, Sharon L; Velkoska, Elena; Ord, Michelle; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Jerums, George ; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Burrell, Louise M 
2029-Sep-1989Cyclosporine increases endothelin-1 binding site density in cardiac cell membranes.Nayler, W G; Gu, X H; Casley, David J; Panagiotopoulos, Sianna ; Liu, J; Mottram, P L