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1Mar-2024Frequency of and associations with alterations of medical emergency team calling criteria in a teaching hospital emergency department.Baylis, Simon R; Fletcher, Luke R ; Brown, Alastair J W; Hensman, Tamishta; Serpa Neto, Ary ; Jones, Daryl A 
21-Nov-2023Sodium Bicarbonate for Metabolic Acidosis in the ICU: Results of a Pilot Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial.Serpa Neto, Ary ; Fujii, Tomoko; McNamara, Mairead; Moore, James; Young, Paul J; Peake, Sandra; Bailey, Michael; Hodgson, Carol; Higgins, Alisa M; See, Emily J ; Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Young, Meredith; Maeda, Mikihiro; Pilcher, David; Nichol, Alistair; Deane, Adam; Licari, Elisa; White, Kyle; French, Craig; Shehabi, Yahya; Cross, Anthony; Maiden, Matthew; Kadam, Umesh; El Khawas, Khaled; Cooper, Jamie; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Udy, Andrew
3Nov-2023The frequency and nature of barriers to escalation of care in two Australian teaching hospitals.Wright, Breanna; Plant, Bernice; Lennox, Alyse; Faulkner, Nicholas; Bragge, Peter; Doric, Andrea; Jones, Daryl A ; Leung, Christopher 
417-Oct-2023Natural History and Clinical Outcomes After ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Without Stent Insertion.Nogic, Jason; Cailes, Benjamin ; Yeoh, Julian; Yudi, Matias B ; Tong, David; Farouque, Omar ; Brennan, Angela; Dinh, Diem; Brown, Adam J; Clark, David J 
5Oct-2023Narrative review of inpatient nutritional management of anorexia nervosa with management recommendations for Australian tertiary health services.Hoo, Phoebe; Goldschlager, Romi; Katsoulis, John; Newnham, Evan; Harun, Nur-Shirin; Gwee, Karen; Silberberg, Carol; Russell, Nick; Lam, Simon K L ; Adithama, Esti; Cook, Natasha ; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
6Oct-2023Gender Differences in Medical Student Perceptions of a Career in Cardiology.Perera, Sheneli; Aslam, Anum; Burgess, Sonya; Castles, Anastasia Vlachadis; Segan, Louise; Mukherjee, Swati; Beale, Anna L; Gutman, Sarah J; Biswas, Sinjini; Leet, Angeline; Zaman, Sarah
722-Sep-2023When you see nothing at all: Outcomes following a negative laparoscopy. A systematic review.Steele, Lucy A; Mooney, Samantha S; Gilbee, Ebony S; Grover, Sonia R 
813-Jun-2023Ventricular fibrillation episodes related to managed ventricular pacing algorithm in a patient with mitral valve prolapse - "Arrhythmic MVP due to MVP".Chen, Janet X C; Fong, Jenny; Lim, Han S ; Teh, Andrew W ; Han, Hui-Chen 
9Jun-2023Fresh human cardiac tissue for translational research: A novel method of sampling deceased organ donors.Sharma, Varun; Grant, James A L; Gangahanumiah, Shivanand; Singh, Aashima; Gordon, Claire L ; James, Fiona L ; D'Costa, Rohit; Starkey, Graham ; Raman, Jaishankar
102-May-2023Safety and Efficacy of Tenecteplase and Alteplase in Patients With Tandem Lesion Stroke: A Post-Hoc Analysis of the EXTEND-IA TNK Trials.Yogendrakumar, Vignan; Churilov, Leonid ; Mitchell, Peter J; Kleinig, Timothy J; Yassi, Nawaf; Thijs, Vincent ; Wu, Teddy; Shah, Darshan; Bailey, Peter; Dewey, Helen M; Choi, Philip Mc; Ma, Alice; Wijeratne, Tissa; Garcia-Esperon, Carlos; Cloud, Geoffrey; Chandra, Ronil V; Cordato, Dennis John; Yan DMedSc, Bernard; Sharma, Gagan; Desmond, Patricia M; Parsons, Mark W; Donnan, Geoffrey Alan; Davis, Stephen M; Campbell, Bruce C V
1124-Mar-2023Effect of lung ultrasound-guided fluid deresuscitation on duration of ventilation in intensive care unit patients (CONFIDENCE): protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial.Blok, Siebe G; Mousa, Amne; Brouwer, Michelle G; de Grooth, Harm-Jan; Serpa Neto, Ary ; Blans, Michiel J; den Boer, Sylvia; Dormans, Tom; Endeman, Henrik; Roeleveld, Timo; Scholten, Harm; van Slobbe-Bijlsma, Eline R; Scholten, Erik; Touw, Hugo; van der Ven, Fleur Stefanie L I M; Wils, Evert-Jan; van Westerloo, David J; Heunks, Leo M A; Schultz, Marcus J; Paulus, Frederique; Tuinman, Pieter R
1215-Mar-2023Spin and fragility in anaesthesia studies: when sirens sing into anaesthetists' ears.Gama de Abreu, Marcelo; Schultz, Marcus J; Serpa Neto, Ary 
13Mar-2023Diabetes mellitus is an independent predictor of obstructive coronary artery disease in patients presenting with atrial fibrillation and elevated troponin.Fahey, James K; Prosser, Hamish; Lescai, Prue; Sajeev, Jithin K; Yao, Harrison; Roberts, Louise; Buntine, Paul; Teh, Andrew W 
14Feb-2023Smart Devices in Detecting AF: Excellent Signal Quality, But AI Can Still Learn From Clinicians.Teh, Andrew W ; Dörr, Marcus
15Jan-2023Projecting Future Climate Impact on National Australian Respiratory-Related Intensive Care Unit Demand.Poon, Eric K W; Kitsios, Vassili; Pilcher, David; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Raman, Jai S 
162023Early type 2 diabetes treatment intensification with glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists in primary care: an Australian perspective on guidelines and the global evidence.Rasalam, Roy; Abdo, Sarah; Deed, Gary; O'Brien, Richard C ; Overland, Jane
17Feb-2022Long-Term Impact of a Low-Cost Paediatric Intussusception Air Enema Reduction Simulation-Based Education Programme in a Low-Middle Income Country.Nataraja, R M; Yin Mar Oo, null; Ljuhar, D; Pacilli, M; Nyo Nyo Win, null; Stevens, Sean ; Aye Aye, null; Nestel, D
18Feb-2022No Fever, No Worries? A Retrospective Audit of Bacteraemic Patients in the Emergency Department.Chiodo-Reidy, Jessica; Loftus, Michael J; Holmes, Natasha E 
192022MONitoring Knockbacks in EmergencY (MONKEY) - An Audit of Disposition Outcomes in Emergency Patients with Rejected Admission Requests.Zhang, Wendell; Wong, Lee Yung; Liu, Jasmine; Sarkar, Soham
20Dec-2021Polygenic Risk Scores for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in the Asia-Pacific Region.Tada, Hayato; Yeo, Khung Keong; Li, Jian-Jun; Tan, Kathryn; Ako, Junya; Krittayaphong, Rungroj; San Tan, Ru; Aylward, Philip E; Lam, Carolyn S P; Baek, Sang Hong; Dalal, Jamshed; Fong, Alan; Li, Yi-Heng; O'Brien, Richard C ; Natalie Koh, Si Ya; Scherer, Daniel J; Kang, Vernon; Nelson, Adam J; Butters, Julie; Nicholls, Stephen J