Sonia R Grover

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Sonia R Grover
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Grover, Sonia R
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
122-Sep-2023When you see nothing at all: Outcomes following a negative laparoscopy. A systematic review.Steele, Lucy A; Mooney, Samantha S; Gilbee, Ebony S; Grover, Sonia R 
24-Jan-2023Pelvic Pain in Transgender People Using Testosterone Therapy.Zwickl, Sav; Burchill, Laura; Wong, Alex Fang Qi; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Cook, Teddy; Angus, Lachlan M ; Eshin, Kalen; Elder, Charlotte V ; Grover, Sonia R ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
3Oct-2021Pelvic pain: What are the symptoms and predictors for surgery, endometriosis and endometriosis severity.Conroy, Isabelle; Mooney, Samantha S; Kavanagh, Shane; Duff, Michael; Jakab, Ilona; Robertson, Katharine; Fitzgerald, Amy L; Mccutchan, Alexandra; Madden, Siana; Maxwell, Sarah; Nair, Shweta; Origanti, Nimita; Quinless, Alish; Mirowski-Allen, Kelly; Sewell, Megan; Grover, Sonia R 
4Feb-2020Reducing unnecessary investigations in adolescent gynaecology: The utility of pelvic ultrasonography for adolescents presenting¬†with heavy menstrual bleeding.Lazanyi, Mikhaila; Grover, Sonia R 
511-Apr-2019Unintended and unwanted pregnancy in Australia: a cross-sectional, national random telephone survey of prevalence and outcomes.Yeates, Sophie L; Elder, Charlotte V ; Grover, Sonia R 
626-Jul-2018Chronic pelvic pain - pain catastrophizing, pelvic pain and quality of life.Sewell, Megan; Churilov, Leonid ; Mooney, Samantha; Ma, Tony; Maher, Peter; Grover, Sonia R 
717-Nov-2016The association between unwanted sexual experiences and early-onset cervical cancer and precancer by age 25: a case-control studyJayasinghe, Yasmin L; Sasongko, Victoria; Lim, Rachel W; Grover, Sonia R ; Tabrizi, Sepehr N; Moore, Elya E; Donath, Susan; Garland, Suzanne M
810-Jun-2014Malformation syndromes associated with disorders of sex development.Hutson, John M; Grover, Sonia R ; O'Connell, Michele; Pennell, Samuel D