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Ada S Cheung
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Cheung, Ada S
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2020The Health and Well-Being of Transgender Australians: A National Community Survey.Bretherton, Ingrid ; Thrower, Emily; Zwickl, Sav; Wong, Alex; Chetcuti, Daria; Grossmann, Mathis ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
227-Nov-2020Efficacy of micronised progesterone for sleep: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trial data.Nolan, Brendan James ; Liang, Bonnie; Cheung, Ada S 
325-Nov-2020The Informed Consent Model of Care for Accessing Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Is Associated With High Patient Satisfaction.Spanos, Cassandra; Grace, Julian A; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Brownhill, Adam; Cundill, Pauline; Locke, Peter; Wong, Peggy; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
414-Sep-2020A systematic review of anti-androgens and feminisation in transgender women.Angus, Lachlan M ; Nolan, Brendan James ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
5Sep-2020Estradiol Therapy in the Perioperative Period: Implications for Transgender People Undergoing Feminizing Hormone Therapy.Nolan, Brendan James ; Cheung, Ada S 
618-Aug-2020Approach to interpreting common laboratory pathology tests in transgender individuals.Cheung, Ada S ; Lim, Hui Yin; Cook, Teddy; Zwickl, Sav; Ginger, Ariel; Chiang, Cherie Y ; Zajac, Jeffrey D 
716-Jun-2020Differing effects of zoledronic acid on bone microarchitecture and bone mineral density in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy: a randomised controlled trial.Cheung, Ada S ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Ghasem-Zadeh, Ali ; Tinson, Alistair J; Ly, Vivian; Milevski, Stefan V; Lim Joon, Daryl ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Seeman, Ego ; Grossmann, Mathis 
810-Jun-2020Testosterone therapy considerations in estrogen, progesterone and androgen receptor positive breast cancer in a transgender male.Light, Melanie; McFarlane, Thomas; Ives, Andrew; Shah, Bhaumik; Lim, Elgene; Grossmann, Mathis ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
925-May-2020Sustained remission of Lynch syndrome-associated metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma following checkpoint inhibitor therapy-associated multiorgan autoimmunity.Nevgi, Aditi; Klein, Oliver ; Cheung, Ada S 
1015-May-2020Global coagulation assays in transgender women on oral and transdermal estradiol therapy.Lim, Hui Yin; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Torkamani, Niloufar ; Grossmann, Mathis ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Ho, Prahlad W; Cheung, Ada S 
1113-Apr-2020Non-Binary and Binary Gender Identity in Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Individuals.Cheung, Ada S ; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Wong, John W P; Chew, Denise; Ooi, Olivia; Cundill, Pauline; Silberstein, Nicholas; Locke, Peter; Zwickl, Sav; Grayson, Ren; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Pang, Ken C
121-Apr-2020Prevalence of polycythaemia with different formulations of testosterone therapy in transmasculine individuals.Nolan, Brendan James ; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Ooi, Olivia; Cundill, Pauline; Silberstein, Nicholas; Locke, Peter; Grossmann, Mathis ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
13Apr-2020Youths with a non-binary gender identity: a review of their sociodemographic and clinical profile.Chew, Denise; Tollit, Michelle A; Poulakis, Zeffie; Zwickl, Sav; Cheung, Ada S ; Pang, Ken C
1415-Mar-2020Effects of gender-affirming hormone therapy on insulin resistance and body composition in transgender individuals: A systematic review.Spanos, Cassandra; Bretherton, Ingrid ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
15Mar-2020Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Amongst Individuals with Gender Dysphoria: A Systematic Review.Thrower, Emily; Bretherton, Ingrid ; Pang, Ken C; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
1616-Dec-2019Australian endocrinologists need more training in transgender health: A national survey.Bretherton, Ingrid ; Grossmann, Mathis ; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
1713-Dec-2019Health Needs of Trans and Gender Diverse Adults in Australia: A Qualitative Analysis of a National Community Survey.Zwickl, Sav; Wong, Alex; Bretherton, Ingrid ; Rainier, Max; Chetcuti, Daria; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
1810-Sep-2019Late Onset Hypogonadism: Metabolic Impact.Grossmann, Mathis ; Ng Tang Fui, Mark ; Cheung, Ada S 
19Aug-2019Position statement on the hormonal management of adult transgender and gender diverse individualsCheung, Ada S ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Wynne, Katie; Erasmus, Jaco; Murray, Sally
2016-Jul-2019Biomechanical leg muscle function during stair ambulation in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy.Cheung, Ada S ; Gray, Hans A; Schache, Anthony G; Hoermann, Rudolf; Bicknell, Jarrod; Joon, Daryl Lim; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Pandy, Marcus G; Grossmann, Mathis