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Paul A Ramsland
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Ramsland, Paul A
Ramsland, Paul
Ramsland, P A
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
118-Sep-2020Molecular and structural basis for Lewis glycan recognition by a cancer-targeting antibody.Soliman, Caroline; Guy, Andrew J; Chua, Jia Xin; Vankemmelbeke, Mireille; McIntosh, Richard S; Eastwood, Sarah; Truong, Vi Khanh; Elbourne, Aaron; Spendlove, Ian; Durrant, Lindy G; Ramsland, Paul A 
24-Feb-2020Identifying glycan motifs using a novel subtree mining approach.Coff, Lachlan; Chan, Jeffrey; Ramsland, Paul A ; Guy, Andrew J
324-Jan-2020The terminal sialic acid of stage-specific embryonic antigen-4 has a crucial role in binding to a cancer-targeting antibody.Soliman, Caroline; Chua, Jia Xin; Vankemmelbeke, Mireille; McIntosh, Richard S; Guy, Andrew J; Spendlove, Ian; Durrant, Lindy G; Ramsland, Paul A 
421-Dec-2019Antibody recognition of bacterial surfaces and extracellular polysaccharides.Soliman, Caroline; Pier, Gerald B; Ramsland, Paul A 
517-Oct-2019The membrane effects of melittin on gastric and colorectal cancer.Soliman, Caroline; Eastwood, Sarah; Truong, Vi Khanh; Ramsland, Paul A ; Elbourne, Aaron
625-Jun-2019Pre-clinical evaluation of a quadrivalent HCV VLP vaccine in pigs following microneedle delivery.Christiansen, D; Earnest-Silveira, L; Grubor-Bauk, B; Wijesundara, D K; Boo, I; Ramsland, Paul A ; Vincan, E; Drummer, H E; Gowans, E J; Torresi, Joseph 
7Jun-2019Probing and pressing surfaces of hepatitis C virus-like particles.Collett, Simon; Torresi, Joseph ; Earnest-Silveira, Linda; Christiansen, Dale; Elbourne, Aaron; Ramsland, Paul A 
85-Jul-2018Global conformational changes in IgG-Fc upon mutation of the FcRn-binding site are not associated with altered antibody-dependent effector functions.Burvenich, Ingrid J G; Farrugia, William; Liu, Zhanqi; Makris, Dahna; King, Dylan ; Gloria, Benjamin; Perani, Angelo; Allan, Laura C ; Scott, Andrew M ; Ramsland, Paul A 
921-Jun-2018BioStructMap: A Python tool for integration of protein structure and sequence-based features.Guy, Andrew J; Irani, Vashti; Richards, Jack S; Ramsland, Paul A 
102-May-2018Structural patterns of selection and diversity for Plasmodium vivax antigens DBP and AMA1.Guy, Andrew J; Irani, Vashti; Richards, Jack S; Ramsland, Paul A 
116-Apr-2018Structural basis for antibody targeting of the broadly expressed microbial polysaccharide poly-N-acetylglucosamine.Soliman, Caroline; Walduck, Anna K; Yuriev, Elizabeth; Richards, Jack S; Cywes-Bentley, Colette; Pier, Gerald B; Ramsland, Paul A 
1212-Mar-2018Proteome-wide mapping of immune features onto Plasmodium protein three-dimensional structures.Guy, Andrew J; Irani, Vashti; Beeson, James G; Webb, Benjamin; Sali, Andrej; Richards, Jack S; Ramsland, Paul A 
132018Virtual Screening Against Carbohydrate-Binding Proteins: Evaluation and Application to Bacterial Burkholderia ambifaria Lectin.Dingjan, Tamir; Gillon, Émilie; Imberty, Anne; Pérez, Serge; Titz, Alexander; Ramsland, Paul A ; Yuriev, Elizabeth
1421-Jun-2017Molecular simulations of carbohydrates with a fucose-binding Burkholderia ambifaria Lectin suggest modulation by surface residues outside the fucose-binding pocketDingjan, Tamir; Imberty, Anne; Pérez, Serge; Yuriev, Elizabeth; Ramsland, Paul A 
15Jun-2017Antibody recognition of aberrant glycosylation on the surface of cancer cellsSoliman, Caroline; Yuriev, Elizabeth; Ramsland, Paul A 
16May-2017Shear-sensitive nanocapsule drug release for site-specific inhibition of occlusive thrombus formation.Molloy, C P; Yao, Y; Kammoun, H; Bonnard, T; Hoefer, T; Alt, K; Tovar-Lopez, F; Rosengarten, G; Ramsland, Paul A ; van der Meer, A D; van den Berg, A; Murphy, A J; Hagemeyer, C E; Peter, K; Westein, E
17May-2017The cationic small molecule GW4869 is cytotoxic to high phosphatidylserine-expressing myeloma cellsVuckovic, Slavica; Vandyke, Kate; Rickards, David A; McCauley Winter, Padraig; Brown, Simon HJ; Mitchell, Todd W; Liu, Jun; Lu, Jun; Askenase, Philip W; Yuriev, Elizabeth; Capuano, Ben; Ramsland, Paul A ; Hill, Geoffrey R; Zannettino, Andrew CW; Hutchinson, Andrew T
18Sep-2016Exceptionally long CDR3H of bovine scFv antigenized with BoHV-1 B-epitope generates specific immune response against the targeted epitopePasman, Yfke; Soliman, Caroline; Ramsland, Paul A ; Kaushik, Azad K
1922-Jul-2016Optimization of protein-protein docking for predicting Fc-protein interactionsAgostino, Mark; Mancera, Ricardo L; Ramsland, Paul A ; Fernández-Recio, Juan
20Jun-2016Cross-species analysis of Fc engineered anti-Lewis-Y human IgG1 variants in human neonatal receptor transgenic mice reveal importance of S254 and Y436 in binding human neonatal Fc receptorBurvenich, Ingrid JG; Farrugia, William; Lee, Fook T; Catimel, Bruno; Liu, Zhanqi; Makris, Dahna; Cao, Diana; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Brechbiel, Martin W; King, Dylan ; Spirkoska, Violeta; Allan, Laura C ; Ramsland, Paul A ; Scott, Andrew M