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119-Mar-2021EXPRESS: Altering the rehabilitation environment to improve stroke survivor activity (AREISSA): a Phase II trial.Janssen, Heidi; Ada, Louise; Middleton, Sandy; Pollack, Michael; Nilsson, Michael; Churilov, Leonid ; Blennerhassett, Jannette M ; Faux, Steven; New, Peter; McCluskey, Annie; Spratt, Neil; Bernhardt, Julie
2Mar-2021Not Only about the Drugs: Improved Survival with Noninvasive Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.Berlowitz, David J ; Sheers, Nicole 
3Mar-2021Typical within and between person variability in non-invasive ventilator derived variables among clinically stable, long-term users.Jeganathan, Vishnu ; Rautela, Linda ; Conti, Simon; Saravanan, Krisha; Rigoni, Alyssa; Graco, Marnie ; Hannan, Liam M ; Howard, Mark E ; Berlowitz, David J 
4Mar-2021Repeated proning in non-intubated patients with COVID-19.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Attard, Zachary ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Burgess, Nicola; Donovan, Ashleigh; Graco, Marnie ; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Berlowitz, David J 
56-Feb-2021Challenges of evaluating the effect of exercise training on salivary IgA in people with COPD.Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Gleeson, Maree; Wood, Lisa; Hall, Sharron; Hill, Catherine J ; Bondarenko, Janet; Holland, Anne E 
631-Jan-2021Factors associated with improved walking in older people during hospital rehabilitation: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.Said, Catherine M ; McGinley, Jennifer L; Szoeke, Cassandra; Workman, Barbara; Hill, Keith D; Wittwer, Joanne E; Woodward, Michael M ; Liew, Danny; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie; Morris, Meg E
714-Jan-2021Prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing in people with tetraplegia-a systematic review and meta-analysis.Graco, Marnie ; McDonald, Luke A ; Green, Sally E; Jackson, Melinda L ; Berlowitz, David J 
8Jan-2021Use of supplemental oxygen during exercise testing and training for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a survey of Australian pulmonary rehabilitation programs.Leung, Regina W M; Alison, Jennifer A; Jenkins, Sue C; Holland, Anne E ; Hill, Kylie; Morris, Norman R; Spencer, Lissa M; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Seale, Helen E; Cecins, Nola M; McDonald, Christine F ; McKeough, Zoe J
931-Dec-2020The Impact of COPD Exacerbations in the Year Following Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Secondary Analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial.Wageck, Bruna; Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Burge, Angela T ; Mahal, Ajay; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Moore, Rosemary P ; Nicolson, Caroline; O'Halloran, Paul; Lahham, Aroub; Gillies, Rebecca; Holland, Anne E 
1015-Dec-2020Functional electrical stimulation in-bed cycle ergometry in mechanically ventilated patients: a multicentre randomised controlled trial.Berney, Susan C ; Hopkins, Ramona O; Rose, Joleen W ; Koopman, Rene; Puthucheary, Zudin; Pastva, Amy; Gordon, Ian; Colantuoni, Elizabeth; Parry, Selina M; Needham, Dale M; Denehy, Linda
1113-Dec-2020Feasibility of Using Foot-Ground Clearance Biofeedback Training in Treadmill Walking for Post-Stroke Gait Rehabilitation.Nagano, Hanatsu; Said, Catherine M ; James, Lisa; Begg, Rezaul K
1213-Dec-2020Ambulatory oxygen for treatment of exertional hypoxaemia in pulmonary fibrosis (PFOX trial): a randomised controlled trial.Holland, Anne E ; Corte, Tamera; Chambers, Daniel C; Palmer, Andrew J; Ekström, Magnus Per; Glaspole, Ian; Goh, Nicole S L ; Hepworth, Graham; Khor, Yet H ; Hoffman, Mariana; Vlahos, Ross; Sköld, Magnus; Dowman, Leona M ; Troy, Lauren K; Prasad, Jyotika D; Walsh, James; McDonald, Christine F 
13Dec-2020Patient-reported Outcomes for Clinical Trials in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: New Opportunities to Understand How Patients Feel and Function.Holland, Anne E ; Dowman, Leona M ; Smallwood, Natasha
1424-Nov-2020Diagnosis and management of connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease in Australia and New Zealand: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.Jee, Adelle S; Sheehy, Robert; Hopkins, Peter; Corte, Tamera J; Grainge, Christopher; Troy, Lauren K; Symons, Karen; Spencer, Lissa M; Reynolds, Paul N; Chapman, Sally; de Boer, Sally; Reddy, Taryn; Holland, Anne E ; Chambers, Daniel C; Glaspole, Ian N; Jo, Helen E; Bleasel, Jane F; Wrobel, Jeremy P; Dowman, Leona ; Parker, Matthew J S; Wilsher, Margaret L; Goh, Nicole S L ; Moodley, Yuben; Keir, Gregory J
1523-Nov-2020Comparison of self-report and administrative data sources to capture health care resource use in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease following pulmonary rehabilitation.Grimwood, Chantal L; Holland, Anne E ; McDonald, Christine F ; Mahal, Ajay; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Cox, Narelle S ; Moore, Rosemary ; Nicolson, Caroline; O'Halloran, Paul; Lahham, Aroub; Gillies, Rebecca; Burge, Angela T 
16Nov-2020Searching for the Responder, Unpacking the Physical Rehabilitation Needs of Critically Ill Adults: A REVIEW.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Puthucheary, Zudin; McDonald, Luke A ; Denehy, Linda; Berney, Susan C 
174-Aug-2020Speech-Language Pathology Guidance for Tracheostomy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An International Multidisciplinary Perspective.Zaga, Charissa J ; Pandian, Vinciya; Brodsky, Martin B; Wallace, Sarah; Cameron, Tanis S ; Chao, Caroline ; Orloff, Lisa Ann; Atkins, Naomi E ; McGrath, Brendan A; Lazarus, Cathy L; Vogel, Adam P; Brenner, Michael J
184-May-2020Response to physical rehabilitation and recovery trajectories following critical illness: individual participant data meta-analysis protocol.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Berney, Susan C ; Berry, Michael J; Files, D Clark; Griffith, David M; McDonald, Luke A ; Morris, Peter E; Moss, Marc; Nordon-Craft, Amy; Walsh, Timothy; Gordon, Ian; Karahalios, Amalia; Puthucheary, Zudin; Denehy, Linda
19Dec-2020Critical appraisal on the impact of preoperative rehabilitation and outcomes after major abdominal and cardiothoracic surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis: Counting rules are critical.Dunlop, Danni; Kyriacou, Estelle; Jones, Jennifer R A ; Boden, Ianthe; Berlowitz, David J 
202020Home-based or remote exercise testing in chronic respiratory disease, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: A rapid review.Holland, Anne E ; Malaguti, Carla; Hoffman, Mariana; Lahham, Aroub; Burge, Angela T ; Dowman, Leona M ; May, Anthony K; Bondarenko, Janet; Graco, Marnie ; Tikellis, Gabriella; Lee, Joanna Yt; Cox, Narelle S