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Susan C Berney
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Berney, Susan C
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Berney, Sue
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2022Research interrupted: applying the CONSERVE 2021 Statement to a randomized trial of rehabilitation during critical illness affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Reid, Julie C; Molloy, Alex; Strong, Geoff; Kelly, Laurel; O'Grady, Heather; Cook, Deborah; Archambault, Patrick M; Ball, Ian; Berney, Susan C ; Burns, Karen E A; D'Aragon, Frederick; Duan, Erick; English, Shane W; Lamontagne, Fran├žois; Pastva, Amy M; Rochwerg, Bram; Seely, Andrew J E; Serri, Karim; Tsang, Jennifer L Y; Verceles, Avelino C; Reeve, Brenda; Fox-Robichaud, Alison; Muscedere, John; Herridge, Margaret; Thabane, Lehana; Kho, Michelle E
2Jul-2022Physical activity of patients with critical illness undergoing rehabilitation in intensive care and on the acute ward: An observational cohort study.Rollinson, Thomas C ; Connolly, Bronwen; Berlowitz, David J ; Berney, Susan C 
313-Jun-2022The sit-to-stand test as a patient-centered functional outcome for critical care research: a pooled analysis of five international rehabilitation studies.O'Grady, Heather K; Edbrooke, Lara; Farley, Christopher; Berney, Susan C ; Denehy, Linda; Puthucheary, Zudin; Kho, Michelle E
4Jul-2021Functional electrical stimulation in-bed cycle ergometry in mechanically ventilated patients: a multicentre randomised controlled trial.Berney, Susan C ; Hopkins, Ramona O; Rose, Joleen W ; Koopman, Rene; Puthucheary, Zudin; Pastva, Amy; Gordon, Ian; Colantuoni, Elizabeth; Parry, Selina M; Needham, Dale M; Denehy, Linda
529-Jun-2021Recumbent cycling to improve outcomes in people with hip fracture: a feasibility randomized trial.Said, Catherine M ; Delahunt, Marisa; Hardidge, Andrew J ; Smith, Paul; Tran, Phong; McDonald, Luke A ; Kefalianos, Emmanuel; Daniel, Cathy; Berney, Susan C 
61-Apr-2021Factors Impacting Early Mobilization Following Hip Fracture: An Observational Study.Said, Catherine M ; Delahunt, Marisa; Ciavarella, Vera; Al Maliki, Doha; Boys, Anne-Marie; Vogrin, Sara; Berney, Susan C 
72-Nov-2020Outcome measurement tools for communication, voice and speech intelligibility in the ICU and their clinimetric properties: A systematic reviewZaga, Charissa J ; Cigognini, Bridie; Vogel, Adam P; Berney, Susan C 
8Nov-2020Searching for the Responder, Unpacking the Physical Rehabilitation Needs of Critically Ill Adults: A REVIEW.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Puthucheary, Zudin; McDonald, Luke A ; Denehy, Linda; Berney, Susan C 
94-May-2020Response to physical rehabilitation and recovery trajectories following critical illness: individual participant data meta-analysis protocol.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Berney, Susan C ; Berry, Michael J; Files, D Clark; Griffith, David M; McDonald, Luke A ; Morris, Peter E; Moss, Marc; Nordon-Craft, Amy; Walsh, Timothy; Gordon, Ian; Karahalios, Amalia; Puthucheary, Zudin; Denehy, Linda
102020Physiotherapists during COVID-19: usual business, in unusual times.Haines, Kimberley J ; Berney, Susan C 
11Oct-2019Low Levels of Physical Activity During Critical Illness and Weaning: The Evidence-Reality Gap.Connolly, Bronwen A; Mortimore, Jessica L; Douiri, Abdel; Rose, Joleen W ; Hart, Nicholas; Berney, Susan C 
129-Aug-2019The Feasibility, Utility, and Safety of Communication Interventions With Mechanically Ventilated Intensive Care Unit Patients: A Systematic Review.Zaga, Charissa J ; Berney, Susan C ; Vogel, Adam P
1329-Apr-2019Associations between nutritional energy delivery, bioimpedance spectroscopy and functional outcomes in survivors of critical illness.Fetterplace, K; Beach, L J; MacIsaac, C; Presneill, J; Edbrooke, L; Parry, S M; Rechnitzer, T; Curtis, R; Berney, Susan C ; Deane, A M; Denehy, L
142019Commencing out of bed rehabilitation in critical care - what influences clinical decision-making?Berney, Susan C ; Rose, Joleen W ; Denehy, Linda; Granger, Catherine L ; Ntoumenopoulos, George; Crothers, Elise; Steel, Bronwyn; Clarke, Sandy; Skinner, Elizabeth H
152019Socioeconomic Position and Health Outcomes Following Critical Illness: A Systematic Review.Jones, Jennifer R A ; Berney, Susan C ; Connolly, Bronwen; Waterland, Jamie L; Denehy, Linda; Griffith, David M; Puthucheary, Zudin A
162018Long-term recovery following critical illness in an Australian cohort.Haines, Kimberley J ; Berney, Susan C ; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Denehy, Linda
17Aug-2017Measurement of physical activity levels in the Intensive Care Unit and functional outcomes: an observational studyBeach, Lisa J; Fetterplace, Kate; Edbrooke, Lara; Parry, Selina M; Curtis, Rachel; Rechnitzer, Thomas; Berney, Susan C ; Denehy, Linda
18May-2017The conceptualisation of health-related quality of life in decision-making by intensive care physicians: a qualitative inquiryHaines, Kimberley J ; Remedios, Louisa; Berney, Susan C ; Knott, Cameron I ; Denehy, Linda
19Apr-2017What factors affect implementation of early rehabilitation into intensive care unit practice? A qualitative study with cliniciansParry, Selina M; Remedios, Louisa; Denehy, Linda; Knight, Laura D; Beach, Lisa; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Berney, Susan C ; Puthucheary, Zudin A; Morris, Peter; Granger, Catherine L 
20Jul-2016A randomised trial of an intensive physiotherapy program for patients in intensive care [commentary]Berney, Susan C