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21-Feb-2024Clinical utility of maternal TORCH screening in fetal growth restriction: A retrospective two-centre study.Wade, Christine A; Atkinson, Naomi; Holmes, Natasha E ; Hui, Lisa 
20-Feb-2024Correspondence regarding the article by Murugan et al. on "Precision net ultrafiltration dosing in continuous kidney replacement therapy: a practical approach".Bellomo, Rinaldo 
22-Feb-2024Association of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection.Quan, Stuart F; Weaver, Matthew D; Czeisler, Mark É; Barger, Laura K; Booker, Lauren A ; Howard, Mark E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Lane, Rashon I; McDonald, Christine F ; Ridgers, Anna; Robbins, Rebecca; Varma, Prerna; Wiley, Joshua F; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Czeisler, Charles A
19-Feb-2024CLINICIAN AND PATIENT IDENTIFIED SOLUTIONS TO REDUCE THE FRAGMENTATION OF POST-ICU CARE IN AUSTRALIA.Leggett, Nina; Emery, Kate; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Deane, Adam M; French, Craig; Manski-Nankervis, Jo-Anne; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Miles, Briannah; Witherspoon, Sophie; Stewart, Jonathan; Merolli, Mark; Ali Abdelhamid, Yasmine; Haines, Kimberley J 
25-Feb-2024Using change in 6-minute walk distance to predict survival in progressive pulmonary fibrosis: A promising measure in need of precision.Holland, Anne E ; Dowman, Leona M 
13-Feb-2024Do pulmonary rehabilitation programmes improve outcomes in patients with COPD posthospital discharge for exacerbation: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Jenkins, Alex R; Burtin, Chris; Camp, Pat G; Lindenauer, Peter; Carlin, Brian; Alison, Jennifer A; Rochester, Carolyn; Holland, Anne E 
8-Feb-2024A semi-naturalistic open-label study examining the effect of prescribed medical cannabis use on simulated driving performance.Manning, Brooke; Arkell, Thomas R; Hayley, Amie C ; Downey, Luke A
Feb-2024Adding Up the Value of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPD: Money, Morbidity, and Mortality.Lee, Annemarie L; Burge, Angela T 
2024Is there a temporal relationship between atrial fibrillation and stroke? A review.Dlima, Jessica; Kitisarn, Rooj; Lim, Han S ; Thijs, Vincent N 
30-Jan-2024Preferences and perspectives regarding telehealth exercise interventions for adults with cystic fibrosis: A qualitative study.Poulsen, Megan; Holland, Anne E ; Button, Brenda; Jones, Arwel W
30-Jan-2024A Pilot Study of Renin-Guided Angiotensin-II Infusion to Reduce Kidney Stress After Cardiac Surgery.Sadjadi, Mahan; von Groote, Thilo; Weiss, Raphael; Strauß, Christian; Wempe, Carola; Albert, Felix; Langenkämper, Marie; Landoni, Giovanni; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Khanna, Ashish K; Coulson, Tim G ; Meersch, Melanie; Zarbock, Alexander
30-Jan-2024High performance Legionella pneumophila source attribution using genomics-based machine learning classification.Buultjens, Andrew H; Vandelannoote, Koen; Mercoulia, Karolina; Ballard, Susan; Sloggett, Clare; Howden, Benjamin P ; Seemann, Torsten; Stinear, Timothy P
30-Jan-2024Expanding the phenotype of Kleefstra syndrome: speech, language and cognition in 103 individuals.Morison, Lottie D; Kennis, Milou G P; Rots, Dmitrijs; Bouman, Arianne; Kummeling, Joost; Palmer, Elizabeth; Vogel, Adam P; Liegeois, Frederique; Brignell, Amanda; Srivastava, Siddharth; Frazier, Zoe; Milnes, Di; Goel, Himanshu; Amor, David J; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Kleefstra, Tjitske; Morgan, Angela T
2024The role of aberrant DNA methylation in cancer initiation and clinical impacts.Geissler, Franziska; Nesic, Ksenija; Kondrashova, Olga; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Swisher, Elizabeth M; Scott, Clare L; J Wakefield, Matthew
30-Jan-2024Environmental and financial impacts of perioperative paracetamol use: a multicentre international life-cycle analysis.Davies, Jessica F; McAlister, Scott; Eckelman, Matthew J; McGain, Forbes; Seglenieks, Richard; Gutman, Elena N; Groome, Jonathan; Palipane, Natasha; Latoff, Katherine; Nielsen, Dominic; Sherman, Jodi D
30-Jan-2024Implementation of a nurse-led, multidisciplinary model of care for older adults with cancer: a process evaluation protocol.Dufton, Polly Hypatia; Tarasenko, Elena; Midgley, Katrina; Lee, Kathryn; Kelly, Ray; Rodrigues, Jeremy; Yates, Paul A ; Arulananda, Surein; Parakh, Sagun 
7-Jan-2024Treat to target in Crohn's disease: A practical guide for clinicians.Srinivasan, Ashish R
29-Dec-2023Longitudinal changes in body composition and diet after acute spinal cord injury.Desneves, Katherine J ; Kiss, Nicole; Daly, Robin M; Abbott, Gavin; Ward, Leigh C
1-Feb-2024Becoming a general practice supervisor: A longitudinal multi-case study exploring key supportive factors.Garth, Belinda; Kirby, Catherine; Nestel, Debra ; Brown, James
1-Feb-2024Changing the view: Preventing pneumothorax during transvenous pacemaker implantation.Loudon, Brodie L; Wong, Geoffrey R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 13841