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Effie Mouhtouris
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Mouhtouris, Effie
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
116-Apr-2021Evolution of the Human Cytokine Response from Acute Illness to Disease Resolution in SARS-Cov-2 Infection-Implications for Therapeutic Monitoring and Therapeutic Targets.Drewett, George P; Copaescu, Ana ; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Hannan, Natalie; James, Fiona; Smibert, Olivia C ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Trubiano, Jason A 
217-Mar-2021The Role of Immunological and Clinical Biomarkers to Predict Clinical COVID-19 Severity and Response to Therapy-A Prospective Longitudinal Study.Copaescu, Ana ; James, Fiona; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Vogrin, Sara; Smibert, Olivia C ; Gordon, Claire L ; Drewett, George; Holmes, Natasha E ; Trubiano, Jason A 
313-Jan-2021The role of in vivo and ex vivo diagnostic tools in severe delayed immune-mediated adverse antibiotic drug reactions.Copaescu, Ana ; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Vogrin, Sara; James, Fiona; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Douglas, Abby; Slavin, Monica A; Cleland, Heather; Zubrinich, Celia; Aung, Ar Kar; Goh, Michelle ; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Trubiano, Jason A 
4Jul-2020Analysis of Skin-Resident Memory T Cells Following Drug Hypersensitivity Reactions.Trubiano, Jason A ; Gordon, Claire L ; Castellucci, Clara; Christo, Susan N; Park, Simone L; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Konvinse, Katherine; Rose, Morgan T ; Goh, Michelle ; Boyd, Alan S; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Mackay, Laura K
518-May-2020Cross-reactivity between vancomycin, teicoplanin and telavancin in HLA-A*32:01 positive vancomycin DRESS patients sharing an HLA-Class II haplotype.Nakkam, Nontaya; Gibson, Andrew; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Konvinse, Katherine; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Deshpande, Pooja; Li, Danmeng; Ostrov, David A; Trubiano, Jason; Phillips, Elizabeth J
610-May-2020Delayed Hypersensitivity associated with Amoxicillin-Clavulanate.Copaescu, Ana ; Rose, M ; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Trubiano, Jason A 
726-Dec-2019Analysis of skin-resident memory T cells following drug hypersensitivity reactions.Trubiano, Jason A ; Gordon, Claire L ; Castellucci, C; Christo, S N; Park, S L; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Konvinse, K; Rose, M ; Goh, Michelle ; Boyd, A S; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Mackay, L K
8Nov-2019Antigen-specific CD4+ CD25+ T cells induced by locally expressed ICOS-Ig: The role of Foxp3, Perforin, Granzyme B and IL-10.Christiansen, Dale; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Hodgson, Russell; Sutton, Vivien R; Trapani, Joseph A; Ierino, Francesco L; Sandrin, Mauro S 
9Oct-2017Vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus isolates are attenuated for virulence when compared with susceptible progenitors.Cameron, D R; Lin, Y-H; Trouillet-Assant, S; Tafani, V; Kostoulias, X; Mouhtouris, E ; Skinner, N; Visvanathan, K; Baines, S L; Howden, Benjamin P ; Monk, I R; Laurent, F; Stinear, T P; Peleg, A Y
1018-Aug-2013An in vivo mouse model of intraosseous spinal cancer causing evolving paraplegia.Cossigny, Davina A F; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Dushyanthen, Sathana; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Quan, Gerald M Y 
112012Studies on carbohydrate xenoantigens.Christiansen, Dale; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Ramsland, Paul A ; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1227-May-2011Prolonged xenograft survival induced by inducible costimulator-Ig is associated with increased forkhead box P3(+) cells.Hodgson, Russell; Christiansen, Dale; Ziolkowski, Andrew; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Simeonovic, Charmaine J; Ierino, Francesco L; Sandrin, Mauro S 
131-Feb-2011Antibody responses to glycolipid-borne carbohydrates require CD4+ T cells but not CD1 or NKT cells.Christiansen, Dale; Vaughan, Hilary A; Milland, Julie; Miland, Julie; Dodge, Natalie; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Smyth, Mark J; Godfrey, Dale I; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1420-Apr-2010Dendritic cells expressing soluble CTLA4Ig prolong antigen-specific skin graft survival.Ierino, Francesco L; Mulley, William; Dodge, Natalie; Li, Yu Qin; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Christiansen, Dale; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1515-Jul-2008Humans lack iGb3 due to the absence of functional iGb3-synthase: implications for NKT cell development and transplantation.Christiansen, Dale; Milland, Julie; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Vaughan, Hilary A; Pellicci, Daniel G; McConville, Malcolm J; Godfrey, Dale I; Sandrin, Mauro S 
161-Sep-2006Recognition of a carbohydrate xenoepitope by human NKRP1A (CD161).Christiansen, Dale; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Milland, Julie; Zingoni, Alessandra; Santoni, Angela; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1727-Mar-1999Definition and characterization of chicken Gal alpha(1,3)Gal antibodies.McKenzie, Ian F C; Patton, K; Smit, J A; Mouhtouris, E ; Xing, Pei Xiang; Myburgh, John; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1820-Dec-1996Switching amino-terminal cytoplasmic domains of alpha(1,2)fucosyltransferase and alpha(1,3)galactosyltransferase alters the expression of H substance and Galalpha(1,3)Gal.Osman, N; McKenzie, Ian F C; Mouhtouris, E ; Sandrin, Mauro S 
1916-May-1996Molecular cloning of the gene coding for pig alpha1-->2fucosyltransferase.Cohney, S; Mouhtouris, E ; McKenzie, Ian F C; Sandrin, Mauro S 
201-Nov-1993CD48 is a low affinity ligand for human CD2.Sandrin, Mauro S ; Mouhtouris, E ; Vaughan, Hilary A; Warren, H S; Parish, C R