Eric Wong

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Eric Wong
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Wong, Eric
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2023Outcome of an elective readmission policy in patients receiving acute myeloid leukaemia consolidation therapy and implications for an outpatient management programme.Grigg, Andrew P ; Prabahran, Ashvind; Donati, Vanessa; Wong, Eric ; Mason, Kate
2Feb-2023Optimizing the oral dose of cyclosporine with concomitant posaconazole post stem cell allograft.McClelland, Julia; Wong, Eric ; Grigg, Andrew P 
3Oct-2021T cell receptor beta locus sequencing early post-allogeneic stem cell transplant identifies patients at risk of initial and recurrent cytomegalovirus infection.Kuzich, James A; Kankanige, Yamuna; Guinto, Jerick; Ryland, Georgina; McBean, Michelle; Wong, Eric ; Koldej, Rachel; Collins, Jenny; Westerman, David; Ritchie, David; Blombery, Piers
4Aug-2021Australia and New Zealand Transplant and Cellular Therapies COVID-19 vaccination consensus position statement.Hamad, Nada; Ananda-Rajah, Michelle; Gilroy, Nicole; MacIntyre, Raina; Gottlieb, David; Ritchie, David; Harrison, Simon; Kennedy, Glen; Watson, Anne M; Greenwood, Matthew; Doocey, Richard; Perera, Travis; Spencer, Andrew; Wong, Eric ; O'Brien, Tracey; Shaw, Peter; Conyers, Rachel; Milliken, Samuel; Bardy, Peter; Larsen, Stephen; Ho, Phoebe J; Lai, Hock; Bajel, Ashish; Butler, Jason; Tiley, Campbell; D'Rozario, James; Johnston, Anna; Cochrane, Tara; Mills, Tony; Irving, Ian; Pullon, Humprey; Purtill, Duncan
5Sep-2020Severity of mucositis during allogeneic transplantation impacts post-transplant cyclosporin absorption.Tan, Joanne L C; Wong, Eric ; Bajel, Ashish; Ramanan, Radha; Lim, Andrew B M; Ritchie, David S
6Jun-2020Bone Marrow Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand COVID-19 consensus position statement.Hamad, Nada; Gottlieb, David; Ritchie, David; Kennedy, Glen; Watson, Anne M; Greenwood, Matthew; Doocey, Richard; Perera, Travis; Spencer, Andrew; Wong, Eric ; O'Brien, Tracey; Shaw, Peter; Conyers, Rachel; Cole, Theresa; Milliken, Sam; Bardy, Peter; Larsen, Stephen; Lai, Hock; Butler, Andrew; Fraser, Chris; Bajel, Ashish; Butler, Jason; Kerridge, Ian; Purtill, Duncan
7Jan-2020Nivolumab induces dynamic alterations in CD8 T-cell function and TIM-3 expression when used to treat relapsed acute myeloid leukemia after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.Wong, Eric ; Davis, Joanne; Koldej, Rachel; Szer, Jeff; Grigg, Andrew P ; Ritchie, David
82019Strategies to enhance the graft versus tumour effect after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.Wong, Eric ; Davis, Joanne E; Grigg, Andrew P ; Szer, Jeff; Ritchie, David
9Dec-2018The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of busulfan when combined with melphalan as conditioning in adult autologous stem cell transplant recipients.Willcox, Abbey ; Wong, Eric ; Nath, Christa; Janson, Brett; Harrison, Simon J; Hoyt, Rosemary; Bajel, Ashish; Shaw, Peter; Ritchie, David; Grigg, Andrew P 
10Sep-2017An individualised risk-adapted protocol of pre- and post transplant zoledronic acid reduces bone loss after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: results of a phase II prospective trialGrigg, Andrew P ; Butcher, B; Khodr, B; Bajel, A; Hertzberg, M; Patil, S; D'Souza, A B; Ganly, P; Ebeling, P; Wong, E ; Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (ALLG)
11Jun-2016Nephrotic syndrome as a complication of chronic graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell transplantationWong, Eric ; Lasica, M; He, SZ; Bajel, A; Roberts, AW; Ritchie, DS; Szer, J; Mason, KD
1224-Mar-2011Respiratory muscle dysfunction and training in chronic heart failure.Wong, Eric ; Selig, Steve; Hare, David L