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Priya Sumithran
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Sumithran, Priya
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
124-May-2021N-Acetylcysteine reduces addiction-like behaviour towards high-fat high-sugar food in diet-induced obese rats.Sketriene, Diana; Battista, Damien; Perry, Christina J; Sumithran, Priya ; Lawrence, Andrew J; Brow, Robyn M
227-Apr-2021Intensive management of obesity in people with severe chronic kidney disease: a review.Song, Richard; Nolan, Brendan James ; Harb, Hecham; Sumithran, Priya 
326-Apr-2021Symptoms of Addictive Eating: What Do Different Health Professions Think?Whatnall, Megan; Skinner, Janelle; Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio; Carter, Adrian; Brown, Robyn M; Andrews, Zane B; Dayas, Chris V; Hardman, Charlotte A; Loxton, Natalie; Sumithran, Priya ; Burrows, Tracy
4Apr-2021Feasibility trial of metformin XR in people with pre-diabetes and stroke (MIPPS)-randomised open blinded endpoint controlled trial.Tabesh, Marjan; Hachem, Mariam; Lau, Lik-Hui; Borschmann, Karen ; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A L; Sumithran, Priya ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Ekinci, Elif I 
516-Mar-2021The therapeutic potential of GLP-1 analogues for stress-related eating and role of GLP-1 in stress, emotion and mood: a review.Hreins, Eva Guerrero; Goldstone, Anthony P; Brown, Robyn M; Sumithran, Priya 
620-Feb-2021Orexins (hypocretins): the intersection between homeostatic and hedonic feeding.Muthmainah, Muthmainah; Gogos, Andrea; Sumithran, Priya ; Brown, Robyn M
73-Jan-2021Comparison of two questionnaires for assessment of emotional eating in people undergoing treatment for obesity.Stammers, Lauren; Wong, Lisa; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
8Dec-2020Time to pregnancy after a prepregnancy very-low-energy diet program in women with obesity: substudy of a randomized controlled trial.Price, Sarah A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Prendergast, Luke A; Nankervis, Alison J; Permezel, Michael; Proietto, Joseph 
9Oct-2020Delays in healthcare consultations about obesity - Barriers and implications.Rigas, Georgia; Williams, Kathryn; Sumithran, Priya ; Brown, Wendy A; Swinbourne, Jessica; Purcell, Katrina; Caterson, Ian D
1018-Sep-2020Health Professionals' and Health Professional Trainees' Views on Addictive Eating Behaviours: A Cross-Sectional Survey.Burrows, Tracy; Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio; Carter, Adrian; Brown, Robyn M; Andrews, Zane B; Dayas, Chris V; Hardman, Charlotte A; Loxton, Natalie; Sumithran, Priya ; Whatnall, Megan
1116-Jul-2020Change in emotional eating after bariatric surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis.Wong, L Y; Zafari, N; Churilov, Leonid ; Stammers, L; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
1216-Apr-2020Identifying stress-related eating in behavioural research: A review.Stammers, Lauren; Wong, Lisa; Brown, Robyn; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
1310-Apr-2020Emotional eating in patients attending a specialist obesity treatment service.Wong, Lisa; Stammers, Lauren; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
142020Exploring the Relationship Between Maternal Circulating Hormones and Gestational Weight Gain in Women Without Obesity: A Cross-Sectional Study.Lappas, Martha; Lim, Ratana; Price, Sarah A ; Prendergast, Luke A; Proietto, Joseph ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
15Aug-2019Letter to the Editor: Treatment of obesity in older persons, reply.Haywood, Cilla J ; Sumithran, Priya 
1615-Jun-2019Exploration of the shared pathophysiological mechanisms of gestational diabetes and large for gestational age offspring.Nahavandi, Sofia; Price, Sarah A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Ekinci, Elif Ilhan
172019Preconception management of women with obesity: A systematic review.Price, Sarah A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Nankervis, Alison; Permezel, Michael; Proietto, Joseph 
182019Treatment of obesity in older persons-A systematic review.Haywood, Cilla; Sumithran, Priya 
1910-Sep-2018Routine use of HbA1c amongst inpatients hospitalised with decompensated heart failure and the association of dysglycaemia with outcomes.Khoo, Kaylyn; Lew, Jeremy F ; Neef, Pieter A ; Kearney, Leighton G ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Tan, Alanna ; Hachem, M; Owen-Jones, L; Lam, Que T ; Hart, Alanna; Wilson, A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Johnson, Douglas F; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Farouque, Omar ; Burrell, Louise M ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
20Jun-2018Clinical Obesity Services in Public Hospitals in Australia: a position statement based on expert consensus.Atlantis, E; Kormas, N; Samaras, K; Fahey, P; Sumithran, Priya ; Glastras, S; Wittert, G; Fusco, K; Bishay, R; Markovic, T; Ding, L; Williams, K; Caterson, I; Chikani, V; Dugdale, P; Dixon, J