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Joseph Proietto
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Proietto, Joseph
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
116-Oct-2020Time to pregnancy after a prepregnancy very-low-energy diet program in women with obesity: substudy of a randomized controlled trial.Price, Sarah A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Prendergast, Luke A; Nankervis, Alison J; Permezel, Michael; Proietto, Joseph 
29-Sep-2020Obesity and Bone.Proietto, Joseph 
32020Exploring the Relationship Between Maternal Circulating Hormones and Gestational Weight Gain in Women Without Obesity: A Cross-Sectional Study.Lappas, Martha; Lim, Ratana; Price, Sarah A ; Prendergast, Luke A; Proietto, Joseph ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
4Aug-2019Obesity in older adults: Effect of degree of weight loss on cardiovascular markers and medications.Haywood, Cilla J ; Prendergast, Luke A; Lim, Ratana; Lappas, Martha; Lim, Wen Kwang; Proietto, Joseph 
52019Preconception management of women with obesity: A systematic review.Price, Sarah A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Nankervis, Alison; Permezel, Michael; Proietto, Joseph 
611-Jul-2018Efficacy and safety of methionine aminopeptidase 2 inhibition in type 2 diabetes: a randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial.Proietto, Joseph ; Malloy, Jaret; Zhuang, Dongliang; Arya, Mark; Cohen, Neale D; de Looze, Ferdinandus J; Gilfillan, Christopher; Griffin, Paul; Hall, Stephen; Nathow, Thomas; Oldfield, Geoffrey S; O'Neal, David N; Roberts, Adam; Stuckey, Bronwyn G A; Yue, Dennis; Taylor, Kristin; Kim, Dennis
724-Apr-2018Health consequences for mother and baby of substantial pre-conception weight loss in obese women: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.Price, Sarah A ; Nankervis, Alison; Permezel, Michael; Prendergast, Luke; Sumithran, Priya ; Proietto, Joseph 
8Apr-2018How common is substantial weight gain after pregnancy?Sumithran, Priya ; Houlihan, Christine; Shub, Alexis; Churilov, Leonid ; Pritchard, Natasha; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Proietto, Joseph ; Permezel, Michael
9Feb-2018Is two days of intermittent energy restriction per week a feasible weight loss approach in obese males? A randomised pilot studyConley, Marguerite; Le Fevre, Lauren ; Haywood, Cilla; Proietto, Joseph 
10Feb-2018Combining biological and psychosocial baseline variables did not improve prediction of outcome of a very-low-energy diet in a clinic referral population.Sumithran, Priya ; Purcell, K; Kuyruk, S; Proietto, Joseph ; Prendergast, Luke A
1112-Dec-2017Very Low Calorie Diets for Weight Loss in Obese Older Adults-A Randomized Trial.Haywood, Cilla J ; Prendergast, Luke A; Purcell, Katrina; Le Fevre, Lauren ; Lim, Wen Kwang; Galea, Mary; Proietto, Joseph 
12Aug-2017A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of beloranib for the treatment of hypothalamic injury-associated obesity.Shoemaker, Ashley; Proietto, Joseph ; Abuzzahab, M Jennifer; Markovic, Tania; Malloy, Jaret; Kim, Dennis D
1318-May-2017Associations between systemic bone mineral density and early knee cartilage changes in middle-aged adults without clinical knee disease: a prospective cohort studyTeichtahl, Andrew J; Wang, Yuanyuan; Wluka, Anita E; Strauss, Boyd J; Proietto, Joseph ; Dixon, John B; Jones, Graeme; Cicuttini, Flavia M
143-Oct-2016Maintaining weight loss: an ongoing challengeSumithran, Priya ; Proietto, Joseph 
15Jul-2016The interaction between physical activity and amount of baseline knee cartilageTeichtahl, Andrew J; Wang, Yuanyuan; Heritier, Stephane; Wluka, Anita E; Strauss, Boyd J; Proietto, Joseph ; Dixon, John B; Jones, Graeme; Cicuttini, Flavia M
16Apr-2016Review of 3-year outcomes of a very-low-energy diet-based outpatient obesity treatment programmeSumithran, Priya ; Prendergast, Luke A; Haywood, Cilla J ; Houlihan, CA; Proietto, Joseph 
17Jan-2016Associations of surgical and nonsurgical weight loss with knee musculature: a cohort study of obese adults.Teichtahl, Andrew J; Wluka, Anita E; Wang, Yuanyuan; Wijethilake, Pushpika N; Strauss, Boyd; Proietto, Joseph ; Dixon, John B; Jones, Graeme; Forbes, Andrew; Cicuttini, Flavia M
1815-Dec-2015Obesity: recent insightsSumithran, Priya ; Proietto, Joseph 
19Dec-2015Vastus medialis fat infiltration – a modifiable determinant of knee cartilage lossTeichtahl, Andrew J; Wluka, Anita E; Wang, Y; Wijethilake, PN; Strauss, Boyd J; Proietto, Joseph ; Dixon, John B; Jones, G; Forbes, A; Cicuttini, Flavia M
201-May-2015Contribution of the hypothalamus and gut to weight gain susceptibility and resistance in mice.Fam, Barbara C; Sgambellone, Rebecca; Ruan, Zheng; Proietto, Joseph ; Andrikopoulos, Sofianos