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Cameron I Knott
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Knott, Cameron I
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2020Delivering Simulation Activities Safely: What if We Hurt Ourselves?Naweed, Anjum; Dennis, Diane; Krynski, Ben; Crea, Teresa; Knott, Cameron I 
21-Apr-2020The Australian and New Zealand Clinician Educator Network (ANZCEN) Unconference: What's an unconference and how can it develop communities of practice?Ross, Paul; Moon, Kylie; Paras, Annie; Long, Paul; Paterson, Sheree; Ghani, Manisa; Knott, Cameron I ; Lister, Bruce; Nickson, Christopher; Massey, Debbie
3Oct-2019Short and long-term survival following an in-hospital cardiac arrest in a regional hospital cohort.Doherty, Zakary; Fletcher, Jason; Fuzzard, Kim; Kippen, Rebecca; Knott, Cameron I ; O'Sullivan, Belinda
4Mar-2019"Likely overassistance" during invasive pressure support ventilation in patients in the intensive care unit: a multicentre prospective observational study.Al-Bassam, Wisam ; Dade, Fabian; Bailey, Michael; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Osawa, Eduardo A; Eyeington, Christopher T; Anesty, James; Yi, George; Ralph, Jolene; Kakho, Nima; Kurup, Vishnu; Licari, Elisa; King, Emma C; Knott, Cameron I ; Chimunda, Timothy; Smith, Julie ; Subramaniam, Ashwin; Reddy, Mallikarjuna; Green, Cameron; Parkin, Geoffrey; Shehabi, Yahya; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
529-Sep-2018Socioeconomic gradients in admission to coronary or intensive care units among Australians presenting with non-traumatic chest pain in emergency departments.Mnatzaganian, George; Hiller, Janet E; Fletcher, Jason; Putland, Mark; Knott, Cameron I ; Braitberg, George; Begg, Steve; Bish, Melanie
6May-2017The conceptualisation of health-related quality of life in decision-making by intensive care physicians: a qualitative inquiryHaines, Kimberley J ; Remedios, Louisa; Berney, Susan C ; Knott, Cameron I ; Denehy, Linda
720-Feb-2017Stress and burnout in intensive care medicine: an Australian perspective.Simpson, Nicholas; Knott, Cameron I 
8Dec-2016Participant perceptions of a rapid response team training course.Chalwin, Richard; Radford, Samuel T ; Psirides, Alex; Laver, Russell; Bierer, Petra; Rai, Sumeet; Knott, Cameron I ; Dyett, John; Jones, Daryl A 
93-Nov-2014A personal reflection on staff experiences after critical incidents.Knott, Cameron I 
107-Apr-2014Outcomes of older people receiving intensive care in Victoria.Duke, Graeme J; Barker, Anna; Knott, Cameron I ; Santamaria, John D