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Andrew M Harding
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Harding, Andrew M
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2021A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial of intravenous chlorpromazine versus intravenous prochlorperazine for the treatment of acute migraine in adults presenting to the emergency department.Hodgson, Sarah E; Harding, Andrew M ; Bourke, Elyssia M; Taylor, David McD ; Greene, Shaun L 
230-Sep-2020Estimating the proportion of patients who transition to long-term opioid use following oxycodone initiation in the emergency department.Nguyen, Jennie P; Harding, Andrew M ; Greene, Shaun L 
36-Jun-2020Thunderstorm asthma medication management during an external emergency (Code Brown): An observational study of the impact of electronic prescribing and clinical documentation.Anderson, Brett J; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, Simone E ; O'Keefe, Caitlan
422-Jan-2020Comprehensive identification of medication-related problems occurring prior to, during and after emergency department presentation: An Australian multicentre, prospective, observational study.Taylor, Simone E ; Mitri, Elise A ; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, David McD ; Weeks, Adrian; Abbott, Leonie; Lambros, Pani; Lawrence, Dona; Strumpman, Dana; Senturk-Raif, Reyhan; Louey, Stephen; Crisp, Hamish; Tomlinson, Emily; Manias, Elizabeth
5Dec-2019Standard of practice in emergency medicine for pharmacy servicesWelch, Susan; Currey, Elizabeth; Doran, Elizabeth; Harding, Andrew M ; Roman, Cristina; Taylor, Simone E ; Thomas, Alicia; Munro, Courtney
6Jun-2019Misappropriation of medications and equipment in the emergency department.Hendarto, Andreas; Harding, Andrew M ; Kant, Joyce A; Hunter, Michelle T; Taylor, David McD 
72019Modifying emergency department electronic prescribing for outpatient opioid analgesia.Schwartz, Grace D; Harding, Andrew M ; Donaldson, Síne R; Greene, Shaun L 
8Oct-2018Accuracy of medication information sources compared to the best possible medication history for patients presenting to the emergency department.Chen, Hayley H; Taylor, Simone E ; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, David McD 
9Aug-2018Evaluation of medication dose omissions amongst inpatients in a hospital using an electronic Medication Management System.Hunt, Katherine V ; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, Simone E ; Curtain, Colin
10Aug-2017Evaluation of a targeted prescriber education intervention on emergency department discharge oxycodone prescribing.Donaldson, Síne R; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, Simone E ; Vally, Hassan; Greene, Shaun L