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Shaun L Greene
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Greene, Shaun L
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2021A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial of intravenous chlorpromazine versus intravenous prochlorperazine for the treatment of acute migraine in adults presenting to the emergency department.Hodgson, Sarah E; Harding, Andrew M ; Bourke, Elyssia M; Taylor, David McD ; Greene, Shaun L 
230-Sep-2020Estimating the proportion of patients who transition to long-term opioid use following oxycodone initiation in the emergency department.Nguyen, Jennie P; Harding, Andrew M ; Greene, Shaun L 
315-Jun-2020"Iatrogenic Medication Errors reported to the Victorian Poisons Information Centre".Bourke, Elyssia M; Greene, Shaun L ; Macleod, Dawson; Robinson, Jeffrey
411-May-2020The fentanyls: a 'future threat' for Australia?Scamvougeras, Anton; Greene, Shaun L ; Norman, Amanda; Bonomo, Yvonne; Castle, David J
511-May-2020The fentanyls: pharmacological and clinical aspects relevant to Australia.Greene, Shaun L ; Scamvougeras, Anton; Norman, Amanda; Bonomo, Yvonne; Castle, David J
620-Apr-2020Treatment for beta-blocker poisoning: a systematic review.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graudins, Andis ; Hung Leang, Yit; Kuan, Kelvin; Baxter, Helen ; Bourke, M; Wong, Anselm Y 
7Feb-2020Lead poisoning associated with illicit opium use.Wong, Joshua; Bourke, Elyssia M; Roberts, Vanessa; Lim, Seok M; Johnson, Douglas; Hamblin, Peter S; Karunajeewa, Harin; Greene, Shaun L 
826-Nov-2019End-tidal capnography provides reliable ventilatory monitoring for non-intubated patients presenting after sedative overdose to the emergency department.Millane, Teri; Greene, Shaun L ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Leang, Yit Hung 
9Sep-2019The utility of droperidol in the treatment of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.Lee, Carl; Greene, Shaun L ; Wong, Anselm Y 
10Aug-2019Do we know the correct dose of tiger snake antivenom?Greene, Shaun L 
11Mar-2019An ageing methadone population: A challenge for treating doctors.Nagarajan, Srigala; Wong, Anselm Y ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff 
12Jan-2019Methanol toxicity: a case of blindness treated with adjunctive steroids.Kowalski, Tanya; Verma, Jitin; Greene, Shaun L ; Curtin, Jeremy
132019The NACSTOP trial: A multi-center, cluster-controlled trial of early cessation of acetylcysteine in acetaminophen overdose.Wong, Anselm ; McNulty, Richard; Taylor, David McD ; Sivilotti, Marco L A; Greene, Shaun L ; Gunja, Naren; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graudins, Andis 
142019Change in the new psychoactive substances associated with Emergency Department acute toxicity presentations associated with the introduction of the UK 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act.Webb, Nicholas E; Wood, David M; Greene, Shaun L ; Hunter, Laura J; Archer, John R H; Dines, Alison M; Dargan, Paul I
152019Modifying emergency department electronic prescribing for outpatient opioid analgesia.Schwartz, Grace D; Harding, Andrew M ; Donaldson, Síne R; Greene, Shaun L 
162019Prolonged coma resulting from massive levothyroxine overdose and the utility of N-terminal prohormone brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP).Wong, Ophelia; Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun L ; Graudins, Andis 
172018Successful treatment of Nerium oleander toxicity with titrated Digoxin Fab antibody dosing.Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun L 
18Aug-2017Evaluation of a targeted prescriber education intervention on emergency department discharge oxycodone prescribing.Donaldson, Síne R; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, Simone E ; Vally, Hassan; Greene, Shaun L 
19Jun-2017Outcomes from massive paracetamol overdose: a retrospective observational studyMarks, Daniel JB; Dargan, Paul I; Archer, John R H; Davies, Charlotte L; Dines, Alison M; Wood, David M; Greene, Shaun L 
20Feb-2017Recognition of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid withdrawal: rapid progression and prolonged symptomatologyKailainathan, Rajan; Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff