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Zeff Koutsogiannis
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Koutsogiannis, Zeff
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
120-Apr-2020Treatment for beta-blocker poisoning: a systematic review.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graudins, Andis ; Hung Leang, Yit; Kuan, Kelvin; Baxter, Helen ; Bourke, M; Wong, Anselm Y 
2Mar-2019An ageing methadone population: A challenge for treating doctors.Nagarajan, Srigala; Wong, Anselm Y ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff 
32019The NACSTOP trial: A multi-center, cluster-controlled trial of early cessation of acetylcysteine in acetaminophen overdose.Wong, Anselm ; McNulty, Richard; Taylor, David McD ; Sivilotti, Marco L A; Greene, Shaun L ; Gunja, Naren; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graudins, Andis 
4Feb-2017Recognition of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid withdrawal: rapid progression and prolonged symptomatologyKailainathan, Rajan; Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff 
5Dec-2016Massive paracetamol overdose associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and pancytopenia, without hepatotoxicityGaber, Mohamed; Wong, Anselm ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Greene, Shaun L 
68-May-2015The Global Educational Toxicology Uniting Project (GETUP): an Analysis of the First Year of a Novel Toxicology Education Project.Wong, Anselm ; Vohra, Rais; Ruha, Anne-Michelle; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graeme, Kimberlie; Dargan, Paul I; Wood, David M; Greene, Shaun L 
78-May-2014Pulmonary haemorrhage from therapeutic rivaroxaban use: chest radiograph consolidation is not always infection!Wong, Anselm ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Greene, Shaun L