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Palliative Care
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Heidelberg, Victoria

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1Sep-2023Visitor restrictions in hospitals during infectious disease outbreaks: An ethical approach to policy development and requests for exemptions.McDougall, Rosalind; Warton, Chanelle; Chew, Christopher; Delany, Clare; Ko, Danielle ; Massie, John
2Dec-2022Registrar triage, communication and moral distress during end-of-life care rapid response team calls in a teaching hospital.Callahan, Sadie; Moran, Juli A ; See, Emily J ; Jones, Daryl A ; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Warrillow, Stephen J 
3May-2022An audit of perioperative end-of-life care practices and documentation relating to patients who died in a surgical unit in three Victorian hospitals.Keon-Cohen, Zoe M; Story, David A ; Moran, Juli A ; Jones, Daryl A 
42022Junior doctors and conscientious objection to voluntary assisted dying: ethical complexity in practice.McDougall, Rosalind J; White, Ben P; Ko, Danielle ; Keogh, Louise; Willmott, Lindy
52022Assessment of emergency department staff awareness, access and utilisation of advance care directives and goals of care: A cross-sectional survey.Osman, Abdi D; Howell, Jocelyn; Smithies, Lisa; Wilson, Damian; Lam, Louisa; Moran, Juli A ; Jones, Daryl A ; Taylor, David McD 
62022Palliative Care Clinical Trials: Building Capability and Capacity.Philip, Jennifer; Le, Brian; Pasanen, Leeanne; Rosens, Evelien; Wong, Aaron ; Mendis, Ruwani; Boughey, Mark; Coperchini, Maria; Moran, Juli A ; Hynson, Jenny; Weil, Jenny; Rosenthal, Mark
72022Introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying: Staff Perspectives in an Acute Hospital.Digby, Robin; McDougall, Rosalind; Gold, Michelle; Ko, Danielle ; O'Driscoll, Lisa; Bucknall, Tracey
8Oct-2021Eligibility and access to voluntary assisted dying: a view from Victoria, Australia.McDougall, Rosalind J; Ko, Danielle 
92-Jul-2021Confronting behaviour in palliative care: a qualitative study of the lived experience of nursing staff.Pejoski, Natalie; Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Moran, Juli A ; Hodgson, Hilary; Wilson, Carlene J 
10Jul-2021Supporting cancer care clinicians to 'hold' their patients during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: a role for reflective ethics discussions.Delany, Clare; Benhamu, Joanne; McDougall, Rosalind; Ko, Danielle ; Jones, Hayley; Mileshkin, Linda; Largey, Geraldine; Clinch, Alex; Heynemann, Sarah
1119-Jun-2021Support for and willingness to be involved in voluntary assisted dying: A multisite, cross-sectional survey study of clinicians in Victoria, Australia.Sellars, Marcus ; Tacey, Mark A ; McDougall, Rosalind; Hayes, Barbara; Pratt, Bridget; Hempton, Courtney; Detering, Karen M ; Aldrich, Rosemary; Benson, Melanie; Kirwan, Jeffrey; Gold, Michelle; O'Driscoll, Lisa; Ko, Danielle 
12Dec-2020Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and endotracheal intubation decisions for adults with advance care directive and resuscitation plans in the emergency department.Osman, Abdi D; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz ; Lam, Louisa; Lin, Chien-Che; Yeoh, Michael J ; Judkins, Simon ; Pratten, Neely; Moran, Juli A ; Jones, Daryl A 
13Oct-2020Palliative care physicians' preparation and planning for the implementation of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act in Victoria.Philip, Jennifer; Holmes, Alex; Benson, Melanie; Boughey, Mark; Yoong, Jaclyn; Clinch, Alexandra; Moran, Juli A 
14Oct-2020Medical ethics in the era of COVID-19: Now and the future.Chew, Christopher; Ko, Danielle 
1525-Sep-2020Balancing health worker well-being and duty to care: an ethical approach to staff safety in COVID-19 and beyond.McDougall, Rosalind J; Gillam, Lynn; Ko, Danielle ; Holmes, Isabella; Delany, Clare
1622-Sep-2020Palliative and Supportive Care Prescribing Considerations Around QT Prolongation Risk in the Context of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) ManagementWong, Aaron B ; Keith, Claire ; Gregory, Heidi ; Liew, David F L 
17Jul-2020Potential medication interactions with paroxetine use for cough in cancer patients.Wong, Aaron B ; Hui, Lisa ; Hong, Justine
18Jun-2020‘This is uncharted water for all of us’: challenges anticipated by hospital clinicians when voluntary assisted dying becomes legal in VictoriaKo, Danielle ; Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; McDougall, Rosalind; Hayes, Barbara; Pratt, Bridget; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Tacey, Mark A ; Shadbolt, Cade
19Nov-2018Extended care unit: a feasible economic solution for longer-term palliative inpatients.Wong, Aaron K ; Moran, Juli A 
20Oct-2018Inpatients With Advanced Lung Cancer: Palliative Care Service Referral Rates, Symptom Profile, and Outcomes in a Teaching Hospital Network-An Exploratory Study.Tham, Kathryn; Kenner, David J; William, Leeroy