Simon Judkins

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Simon Judkins
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Judkins, Simon
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
119-Dec-2023Power and politics of leading change in emergency departments: A qualitative study of Australasian emergency physicians.Rixon, Andrew; Judkins, Simon ; Wilson, Samuel
214-Sep-2023Patterns of emergency department presentations for a youth mental health cohort: data-linkage cohort study.Iorfino, Frank; McHugh, Catherine; Richards, Matthew; Skinner, Adam; Prodan, Ante; Occhipinti, Jo-An; Song, Yun Ju Christine; Chiu, Simon; Judkins, Simon ; Scott, Elizabeth; Hickie, Ian B
3Aug-2023Planning for the next pandemic: Reflections on lessons from the uncontained transmission phases of the COVID-19 pandemic and their impacts on emergency departments in Australia.Hsiao, Kai Hsun; Foong, Lai Heng; Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Judkins, Simon 
43-Oct-2022'Better Care for a Better World': Conference summary of the 21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine.Jamieson, Jennifer; Mitchell, Rob; Phillips, Georgina; Foong, Lai Heng; McCarthy, Sally; Skinner, Clare; Judkins, Simon 
5Oct-2021Advancing leadership in Australasian emergency medicine: Taking stock and looking ahead.Rixon, Andrew; Wilson, Samuel; Judkins, Simon ; Bonning, John; Skinner, Clare; White, Peter
6Aug-2021Planning for the Next Pandemic: Reflections on the Early Phase of the Australian COVID-19 Public Health Response from the Emergency Department.Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Hsiao, Kai Hsun; Foong, Lai Heng; Judkins, Simon 
7Apr-2021Prescription medication use by emergency department doctors to improve work and academic performance, and to manage stress and anxiety.Eggink, Karin M; Taylor, Simone E ; Judkins, Simon ; Taylor, David McD 
8Dec-2020Early lessons from COVID-19 that may reduce future emergency department crowding.Mazurik, Laurie; Javidan, Arshia P; Higginson, Ian; Judkins, Simon ; Petrie, David; Graham, Colin A; Bonning, John; Hansen, Kim; Lang, Eddy
9Dec-2020Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and endotracheal intubation decisions for adults with advance care directive and resuscitation plans in the emergency department.Osman, Abdi D; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz ; Lam, Louisa; Lin, Chien-Che; Yeoh, Michael J ; Judkins, Simon ; Pratten, Neely; Moran, Juli A ; Jones, Daryl A 
10Sep-2020Crisis as opportunity: how COVID-19 can reshape the Australian health system.Blecher, Gabriel Elan; Blashki, Grant A; Judkins, Simon 
11Aug-2020Directors of emergency medicine's beliefs about, barriers to, and enablers of solutions to emergency department crowding and access block.Rixon, Andrew; Wilson, Samuel; Judkins, Simon ; White, Peter
12Aug-2020Management of adult cardiac arrest in the COVID-19 era: consensus statement from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.Craig, Simon; Cubitt, Mya; Jaison, Ashish; Troupakis, Steven; Hood, Natalie; Fong, Christina; Bilgrami, Adnan; Leman, Peter; Ascencio-Lane, Juan Carlos; Nagaraj, Guruprasad; Bonning, John; Blecher, Gabriel; Mitchell, Rob; Burkett, Ellen; McCarthy, Sally M; Rojek, Amanda M; Hansen, Kim; Psihogios, Helen; Allely, Peter; Judkins, Simon ; Foong, Lai Heng; Bernard, Stephen; Cameron, Peter A
13Jun-2020Mental health emergency department attendances.Judkins, Simon 
14Dec-2019Mental health patients in emergency departments are suffering: the national failure and shame of the current system. A report on the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine's Mental Health in the Emergency Department Summit.Judkins, Simon ; Fatovich, Daniel; Ballenden, Nicola; Maher, Helena
152018ACEM President response: Mandatory misrepresentation.Judkins, Simon 
16Dec-2017Renal effects of an emergency department chloride-restrictive intravenous fluid strategy in patients admitted to hospital for more than 48 hours.Yunos, Nor'azim Mohd; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Taylor, David McD ; Judkins, Simon ; Kerr, Fergus; Sutcliffe, Harvey; Hegarty, Colin; Bailey, Michael
17Jun-2016Gender equality: Are FACEMs adequate role models for trainees?Judkins, Simon 
18Feb-2016Development of a productive research culture in emergency medicine: Report of the outcomes of a research forum.Taylor, David McD ; Cohen, Donna R; Epstein, Joseph; Freeman, Peter; Gosbell, Andrew D; Judkins, Simon ; Mowatt, Elizabeth J M; O'Reilly, Gerard M; Vinen, John
192015Emergency : real stories from Australia's emergency department doctorsJudkins, Simon 
2015-Aug-2010Emergency department abdominal x-rays have a poor diagnostic yield and their usefulness is questionable.Jackson, Kirsty; Taylor, David McD ; Judkins, Simon