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Burrell, Louise
Chan, Robert

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1Apr-2021Absolute risk assessment for guiding cardiovascular risk management in a chest pain clinic.Black, J Andrew; Campbell, Julie A; Parker, Serena; Sharman, James E; Nelson, Mark R; Otahal, Petr; Hamilton, Garry W ; Marwick, Thomas H
2May-2020Accuracy of a smartwatch based single-lead electrocardiogram device in detection of atrial fibrillation.Rajakariar, Kevin; Koshy, Anoop N ; Sajeev, Jithin K; Nair, Sachin; Roberts, Louise; Teh, Andrew W 
323-Aug-2018Accuracy of blinded clinician interpretation of single-lead smartphone electrocardiograms and a proposed clinical workflow.Koshy, Anoop N ; Sajeev, Jithin K; Negishi, Kazuaki; Wong, Michael C; Pham, Christopher B; Cooray, Sumudu P; Khavar, Yeganeh; Roberts, Louise; Cooke, Jennifer C; Teh, Andrew W 
4Feb-2020Accuracy of wrist-worn heart rate monitors for rate control assessment in atrial fibrillation.Al-Kaisey, Ahmed M; Koshy, Anoop N ; Ha, Francis J; Spencer, Ryan; Toner, Liam ; Sajeev, Jithin K; Teh, Andrew W ; Farouque, Omar ; Lim, Han S 
521-Apr-2010ACE inhibition reduces infarction in normotensive but not hypertensive rats: correlation with cortical ACE activity.Porritt, Michelle J; Chen, Michelle; Rewell, Sarah S J; Dean, Rachael G; Burrell, Louise M ; Howells, David William
63-Jan-2008ACE2 and AT4R are present in diseased human blood vessels.Zulli, Anthony; Burrell, Louise M ; Buxton, Brian F ; Hare, David L 
72007ACE2 and diabetic complications.Dean, Rachael G; Burrell, Louise M 
81-Jan-2013The ACE2 gene: its potential as a functional candidate for cardiovascular disease.Burrell, Louise M ; Harrap, Stephen B; Velkoska, Elena; Patel, Sheila K 
96-May-2004ACE2, a new regulator of the renin-angiotensin system.Burrell, Louise M ; Johnston, Colin I; Tikellis, Christos; Cooper, Mark E
10Nov-2017Actin alpha cardiac muscle 1 gene expression is upregulated in the skeletal muscle of men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer.Cheung, Ada S ; de Rooy, Casey; Levinger, Itamar ; Rana, Kesha; Clarke, Michele V; How, Jackie M Y; Garnham, Andrew; McLean, Catriona; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Davey, Rachel A; Grossmann, Mathis 
1122-Jun-2013Activation of the MAS receptor by angiotensin-(1-7) in the renin-angiotensin system mediates mesenteric vasodilatation in cirrhosis.Grace, Josephine A ; Klein, Sabine; Herath, Chandana B; Granzow, Michaela; Schierwagen, Robert; Masing, Noemi; Walther, Thomas; Sauerbruch, Tilman; Burrell, Louise M ; Angus, Peter W ; Trebicka, Jonel
121-Jul-2020Acute Coronary Syndromes undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in the COVID-19 Era: Comparable Case Volumes but Delayed Symptom Onset to Hospital Presentation.Toner, Liam ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Hamilton, Garry W ; Clark, David; Farouque, Omar ; Yudi, Matias B 
1321-Nov-2017Acute exercise alters skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration and H2O2 emission in response to hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp in middle-aged obese men.Trewin, Adam J; Levinger, Itamar ; Parker, Lewan; Shaw, Christopher S; Serpiello, Fabio R; Anderson, Mitchell J; McConell, Glenn K; Hare, David L ; Stepto, Nigel K
1416-Sep-2016Acute high-intensity interval exercise-induced redox signaling is associated with enhanced insulin sensitivity in obese middle-aged menParker, Lewan; Stepto, Nigel K; Shaw, Christopher S; Serpiello, Fabio R; Anderson, Mitchell; Hare, David L ; Levinger, Itamar 
1525-Jan-2008Acute kidney injury in the rat causes cardiac remodelling and increases angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 expression.Burchill, Luke J; Velkoska, Elena; Dean, Rachael G; Lew, R A; Smith, A I; Levidiotis, Vicki; Burrell, Louise M 
168-Feb-2023Acute Vasoreactivity Testing and Outcomes in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: A Call for Increased Testing.Chandrasekara, S; Lau, E M; Anderson, J; Collins, N; Cordina, R; Corrigan, C; Dwyer, N; Feenstra, J; Horrigan, Mark ; Keogh, A; Kotlyar, E; Lavender, M; McWilliams, T; Rhodes, B; Steele, P; Strange, G; Thakkar, V; Weintraub, R; Whitford, H; Whyte, K; Williams, T ; Wrobel, J; Keating, D T
171-Apr-2017Additional electrodes on the Quartet™ LV lead provide more programmable pacing options than bipolar and tripolar equivalentsO'Donnell, David ; Sperzel, Johannes; Thibault, Bernard; Rinaldi, Christopher A; Pappone, Carlo; Gutleben, Klaus-Jürgen; Leclercq, Christopher; Razavi, Hedi; Ryu, Kyungmoo; Mcspadden, Luke C; Fischer, Avi; Tomassoni, Gery
181-Jul-2009Advances in percutaneous treatment for adult valvular heart disease.Wong, M C G; Clark, David J ; Horrigan, Mark ; Grube, E; Matalanis, George ; Farouque, Omar 
19May-2022Adverse 30-Day Clinical Outcomes and Long-Term Mortality Among Patients With Preprocedural Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.Batchelor, Riley J; Dinh, Diem; Noaman, Samer; Brennan, Angela; Clark, David J ; Ajani, Andrew; Freeman, Melanie; Stub, Dion; Reid, Christopher M; Oqueli, Ernesto; Yip, Thomas; Shaw, James; Walton, Antony; Duffy, Stephen J; Chan, William
2027-Feb-2017Adverse cardiac effects of exogenous angiotensin 1-7 in rats with subtotal nephrectomy are prevented by ACE inhibitionBurrell, Louise M ; Gayed, Daniel; Griggs, Karen; Patel, Sheila K ; Velkoska, Elena