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Title: Impaired verbal episodic memory in healthy older adults is marked by increased F2-Isoprostanes.
Austin Authors: Downey, Luke A;Simpson, Tamara;Timmer, Jorinde;Nolidin, Karen;Croft, Kevin;Wesnes, Keith A;Scholey, Andrew;Deleuil, Saurenne;Stough, Con
Affiliation: Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Austin Health, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
School of Medicine and Pharmacology Royal Perth Hospital Unit, The University of Western Australia, Australia
Wesnes Cognition Ltd, Streatley on Thames, UK
Medical School, University of Exeter, UK
Issue Date: Feb-2018 2018-02
Publication information: Prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and essential fatty acids 2018; 129: 32-37
Abstract: Age-associated cognitive decline amongst otherwise healthy older individuals is a multifaceted characteristic of ageing. The role of oxidative stress biomarkers has been increasingly examined in the context of pathological aging conditions that affect cognition. Plasma F2-Isoprostane levels are a reliable index of systemic oxidative stress (specifically lipid peroxidation) and are elevated in dementia patients. Less is known about their role in healthy cognitive ageing. This study evaluated the relationship between F2-Isoprostanes and cognitive functioning in a cohort of 211 healthy elderly adults (60-75 years: Male; 88, Female; 123). Cognitive assessment included the Cognitive Drug Research (CDR) computerised assessment battery, which produces five validated factor scores (corresponding to 'Quality of Episodic Memory', 'Speed of Memory', Quality of Working Memory', Power of Attention' and 'Continuity of Attention'). Participants with higher F2-Isoprostane levels had significantly lower Quality of Episodic Memory scores (suggesting inferior abilities in retaining and retrieving verbal information in episodic memory). This is, to our knowledge, the first report of compromised verbal episodic memory in healthy ageing humans being linked to increased levels of F2-Isoprostanes. These results have relevance for interventions aimed at improving cognitive performance in the healthy elderly.
DOI: 10.1016/j.plefa.2018.02.001
PubMed URL: 29482768
PubMed URL:
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Aging
Oxidative stress
Verbal memory
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