Marsali R Newman

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Marsali R Newman
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Newman, Marsali R
Newman, Marsali Ruth
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
122-Jul-2021Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Lesion of the Cervix: First Report of the Cytological Features of a Low-Risk HPV 42-Associated Lesion.Pujari, Reshma; Newman, Marsali R ; Talia, Karen L; Pendlebury, Adam; Hawkes, David; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; McCluggage, W Glenn
23-May-2021Possible high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (pHSIL) in the new cervical screening paradigm: The outcomes and the role of clinicopathological review.McGauran, Monica Francesca Giannini; Pendlebury, Adam Bernard; Hiscock, Richard John; Lamont, Julie M; Jones, Antonia P M; Grant, Peter; Newman, Marsali R ; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; McGrath, Shaun; Pham, Kim; Hyde, Simon
32021Cell Block Optimization: A Comparative Study of Quality Variables in 4 Different Cell Block Methods.Newman, Marsali R ; Walsh, Matthew; Jeffrey, Rosemary; Hiscock, Richard
4Jul-2020Tumour infiltrating lymphocyte status is superior to histological grade, DNA mismatch repair and BRAF mutation for prognosis of colorectal adenocarcinomas with mucinous differentiation.Williams, David S ; Mouradov, Dmitri; Newman, Marsali R ; Amini, Elham; Nickless, David K; Fang, Catherine G; Palmieri, Michelle; Sakthianandeswaren, Anuratha; Li, Shan; Ward, Robyn L; Hawkins, Nicholas J; Skinner, Iain; Jones, Ian; Gibbs, Peter; Sieber, Oliver M
527-Feb-2020Highlighted issues from the second edition RCPA Endometrial Cancer Structured Reporting Protocol.Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; Selinger, Christina; Newman, Marsali R 
6Jun-2019Imposter mucin: awareness of an important cytology artefact.Vazquez, Melisa; Newman, Marsali R 
7Mar-2019Lymphocytic response to tumour and deficient DNA mismatch repair identify subtypes of stage II/III colorectal cancer associated with patient outcomes.Williams, David S ; Mouradov, Dmitri; Jorissen, Robert N; Newman, Marsali R ; Amini, Elham; Nickless, David K; Teague, Julie A; Fang, Catherine G; Palmieri, Michelle; Parsons, Marie J; Sakthianandeswaren, Anuratha; Li, Shan; Ward, Robyn L; Hawkins, Nicholas J; Faragher, Ian; Jones, Ian T; Gibbs, Peter; Sieber, Oliver M
82019The role of the Mirena Intrauterine Device(LNG-IUD) in the management of endometrial polyps - a Pilot Study.Chowdary, Prathima ; Maher, Peter; Ma, Tony; Newman, Marsali R ; Ellett, Lenore; Readman, Emma
915-Oct-2017Looking beyond human papillomavirus (HPV) genotype 16 and 18: Defining HPV genotype distribution in cervical cancers in Australia prior to vaccination.Brotherton, Julia M L; Tabrizi, Sepehr N; Phillips, Samuel; Pyman, Jan; Cornall, Alyssa M; Lambie, Neil; Anderson, Lyndal; Cummings, Margaret; Payton, Diane; Scurry, James P; Newman, Marsali R ; Sharma, Raghwa; Saville, Marion; Garland, Suzanne M
103-Aug-2016Incidence and characteristics of unsuspected neoplasia discovered in high-risk women undergoing risk reductive bilateral salpingoo-ophorectomyPoon, Carolin; Hyde, Simon; Grant, Peter; Newman, Marsali R ; Ireland Jenkin, Kerryn
11Jun-2016Observations on the application of the Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology standardised terminology and nomenclature for pancreaticobiliary cytology.McKinley, Madeleine ; Newman, Marsali R 
12Feb-2016GATA3 immunohistochemical stain is a highly sensitive tool for distinguishing between upper urothelial tract urothelial carcinoma and lung squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinomadu Plessis, J; Newman, Marsali R ; Williams, David
13Dec-2015Are endometrial nerve fibres unique to endometriosis? A prospective case-control study of endometrial biopsy as a diagnostic test for endometriosis in women with pelvic painEllett, Lenore; Readman, Emma; Newman, Marsali R ; McIlwaine, Kate; Villegas, Rocio; Jagasia, Nisha; Maher, Peter
141-Jan-2014Development of a silver in situ hybridisation based assay for the determination of ploidy status in molar pregnancy diagnosis.Galea, Laurence A; Newman, Marsali R ; Au, Rita S C; Leong, Trishe Y; Williams, David S 
1510-Sep-2010Well-differentiated papillary mesothelioma in association with endometrial carcinoma: a case report.Rathi, Vivek; Hyde, Simon; Newman, Marsali R