Sweeney, Joanne M

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Sweeney, Joanne M
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2022Factors associated with short versus prolonged tracheostomy length of cannulation and the relationship between length of cannulation and adverse events.Zaga, Charissa J ; Sweeney, Joanne M ; Cameron, Tanis S ; Campbell, Matthew C ; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Howard, Mark E 
2Jul-2020Global Tracheostomy Collaborative: data-driven improvements in patient safety through multidisciplinary teamwork, standardisation, education, and patient partnership.Brenner, Michael J; Pandian, Vinciya; Graham, Dionne A; Milliren, Carly E; Zaga, Charissa J ; Morris, Linda L; Bedwell, Joshua R; Das, Preety; Zhu, Hannah; Lee Y Allen, John; Peltz, Alon; Chin, Kimberly; Schiff, Bradley A; Randall, Diane M; Swords, Chloe; French, Darrin; Ward, Erin; Sweeney, Joanne M ; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Arora, Asit; Narula, Anthony; McGrath, Brendan A; Cameron, Tanis S ; Roberson, David W
318-Jul-2009Outcomes of dysphagia intervention in a pulmonary rehabilitation program.McKinstry, Anita; Tranter, Maria; Sweeney, Joanne M 
41-Mar-2009Outcomes of patients with spinal cord injury before and after introduction of an interdisciplinary tracheostomy team.Cameron, Tanis S ; McKinstry, Anita; Burt, Susan K; Howard, Mark E ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Brown, Douglas J; Ross, Jacqueline M ; Sweeney, Joanne M ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J