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Jiasian Teh
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Teh, Jiasian
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020Inguinal lymph node dissection for penile cancer: a contemporary review.Teh, Jiasian ; Duncan, Catriona; Qu, Liang G ; Guerra, Glen; Narasimhan, Vignesh; Pham, Toan; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
2Nov-2020Pitfalls of FDG-PET in the prostate for the surgical oncologist.O'Connor, Ellen ; Teh, Jiasian ; Bolton, Damien M 
34-Sep-2020Clinical trials in urological oncology: COVID-19 and the potential need for a new perspective.Teh, Jiasian ; O'Connor, Ellen ; Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
426-Jul-2020Future directions in advanced penile cancer - mechanisms of carcinogenesis and a search for targeted therapy.Teh, Jiasian ; O'Connor, Ellen ; O'Brien, Jonathon; Lim, Wei Mou; Taylor, Michael; Heriot, Alexander; Ramsay, Robert; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
517-Jul-2020Peritoneal and port-site metastasis following robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy.O'Connor, Ellen ; Timm, Brennan ; Chislett, Bodie ; Teh, Jiasian ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Murphy, Declan G; Bolton, Damien M 
6Jul-2020Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG) vaccination use in the fight against COVID-19 - what's old is new again?O'Connor, Ellen ; Teh, Jiasian ; Kamat, Ashish M; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
7Jul-2020Robot-assisted ipsilateral ureteroureterostomy in a duplex system utilizing intraoperative flexible ureteroscopy.O'Connor, Ellen ; Teh, Jiasian ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
8Mar-2020Indirect Comparisons of Efficacy between Combination Approaches in Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.Sathianathen, Niranjan J; Koschel, Samantha; Thangasamy, Isaac A; Teh, Jiasian ; Alghazo, Omar; Butcher, Georgiana; Howard, Harriet; Kapoor, Jada; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Siva, Shankar; Azad, Arun; Tran, Ben; Bolton, Damien M ; Murphy, Declan G
92-Jan-2020Navigating systemic therapy for metastatic castration-naïve prostate cancer.Kwan, E M; Thangasamy, I A; Teh, J ; Alghazo, O; Sathianathen, N J; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Azad, A A
10Sep-2019Characterizing high-grade serous papillary carcinoma of tunica vaginalis.Qu, Liang G ; Teh, Jiasian ; Mitchell, Catherine; Gyorki, David E; Hicks, Rodney J; Murphy, Declan G
11Jun-2019Men's health on the web: an analysis of current resources.Teh, Jiasian ; Wei, Joe; Chiang, Glen; Nzenza, Tatenda C ; Bolton, Damien M ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
12Jun-2019Erectile dysfunction: a global review of intracavernosal injectables.Duncan, Catriona; Omran, Ghadir J; Teh, Jiasian ; Davis, Niall F; Bolton, Damien M ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
13May-2019A blind spot in urology: Prostate cancer associated retinopathy.Duncan, Catriona; Zamir, Ehud; Teh, Jiasian ; Joon, Daryl Lim; Liodakis, Peter 
14May-2019Gender bias in sexual health education: why boys do not know where the prostate is?Teh, Jiasian ; Duncan, Catriona; Nzenza, Tatenda C ; Bolton, Damien M ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
15May-2019Robotic prostatectomy following previous major abdominal surgeries resulting from gunshot injury.Duncan, Catriona; Teh, Jiasian ; Jayarajan, Jyotsna ; Liodakis, Peter 
16Mar-2019Primary transitional cell carcinoma of penis - A rare presentation.Teh, Jiasian ; Kearns, Paul; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
17Mar-2019Alvimopan for post-radical cystectomy ileus: what should we know?Duncan, Catriona; Teh, Jiasian ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
1829-Oct-2018Penile cancer information on the internet: a needle in a haystack.Teh, Jiasian ; Op't Hoog, Stephanie; Nzenza, Tatenda C ; Duncan, Catriona; Wang, Judy; Radojcic, Matija ; Feng, Cheng; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
19May-2018Delayed presentation of grade-IV renal injury post blunt trauma.Teh, Jiasian ; Khan, Munad; Liu, David Shi Hao ; Roberts-Thomson, J
202018Towards gender diversity in urological leadership.Teh, Jiasian ; Nzenza, Tatenda C ; Hoog, Stephanie Op't; Lawrentschuk, Nathan