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Carmel Murone
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Murone, Carmel
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
131-Dec-2020Expression of EGFR and conformational forms of EGFR in malignant pleural mesothelioma and its impact on survival.Chia, Puey Ling ; Parakh, Sagun ; Russell, Prudence; Gan, Hui K ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Gebski, Val; Murone, Carmel ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Liu, Zhanqi; Thapa, Bibhusal ; Scott, Fiona E; Scott, Andrew M ; John, Thomas 
2Dec-2020Analysis of angiogenic and stromal biomarkers in a large malignant mesothelioma cohort.Chia, Puey Ling ; Russell, Prudence; Asadi, Khashi; Thapa, Bibhusal ; Gebski, Val; Murone, Carmel ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Eriksson, Ulf; Scott, Andrew M ; John, Thomas 
3Apr-2019Mesenchyme to epithelial transition protein expression, gene copy number and clinical outcome in a large non-small cell lung cancer surgical cohort.Rivalland, Gareth; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Murone, Carmel ; Asadi, Khashayer; Morey, Adrienne L; Starmans, Maud; Boutros, Paul C; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Solomon, Benjamin; Wright, Gavin; Knight, Simon; John, Thomas 
427-Jul-2018Development of monoclonal anti-PDGF-CC antibodies as tools for investigating human tissue expression and for blocking PDGF-CC induced PDGFRα signalling in vivo.Li, Hong; Zeitelhofer, Manuel; Nilsson, Ingrid; Liu, Xicong; Allan, Laura C ; Gloria, Benjamin; Perani, Angelo; Murone, Carmel ; Catimel, Bruno; Neville, A Munro; Scott, Fiona E; Scott, Andrew M ; Eriksson, Ulf
5Apr-2018Phase II study of everolimus (RAD001) monotherapy as first-line treatment in advanced biliary tract cancer with biomarker exploration: the RADiChol Study.Lau, David K ; Tay, Rebecca Y; Yeung, Yvonne H ; Chionh, Fiona; Mooi, Jennifer; Murone, Carmel ; Skrinos, Effie; Price, Timothy J; Mariadason, John M; Tebbutt, Niall C 
629-Jan-2018DUSP5 is methylated in CIMP-high colorectal cancer but is not a major regulator of intestinal cell proliferation and tumorigenesis.Tögel, Lars; Nightingale, Rebecca; Wu, Rui; Chüeh, Anderly C; Al-Obaidi, Sheren; Luk, Ian; Dávalos-Salas, Mercedes; Chionh, Fiona; Murone, Carmel ; Buchanan, Daniel D; Chatterton, Zac; Sieber, Oliver M; Arango, Diego; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Williams, David; Dhillon, Amardeep S; Mariadason, John M
722-Apr-2017PD-L1 and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes as prognostic markers in resected NSCLCAmeratunga, Malaka; Asadi, Khashayar ; Lin, Xihui; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Knight, Simon; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Boutros, Paul; John, Thomas 
82017The Immune Microenvironment, Genome-wide Copy Number Aberrations, and Survival in Mesothelioma.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Salcedo, Adriana; Lin, Xihui; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Ameratunga, Malaka; Asadi, Khashayar ; Deb, Siddhartha; Barnett, Stephen A ; Knight, Simon; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Watkins, D Neil; Boutros, Paul C; John, Thomas 
9Dec-2016Calretinin but not caveolin-1 correlates with tumour histology and survival in malignant mesothelioma.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Deb, Siddhartha; Barnett, Stephen A ; Knight, Simon R ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Liew, Danny; Watkins, D Neil; John, Thomas 
1018-Oct-2016Digital PCR of genomic rearrangements for monitoring circulating tumour DNADo, Hongdo; Cameron, Daniel; Molania, Ramyar; Thapa, Bibhusal ; Rivall, Gareth; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Murone, Carmel ; John, Thomas ; Papenfuss, Anthony; Dobrovic, Alexander 
1124-Jul-2016Metabolic response evaluation for colorectal liver metastases and correlation to pathologic response and tumour markersLau, Lawrence F ; Murone, Carmel ; Williams, David S ; Standish, Richard; Lee, Sze Ting ; Christophi, Christopher ; Scott, Andrew M ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
1210-Nov-2015Molecular profiling of cetuximab and bevacizumab treatment of colorectal tumours reveals perturbations in metabolic and hypoxic response pathwaysGreening, David W; Lee, Sze Ting ; Ji, Hong; Simpson, Richard J; Rigopoulos, Angela; Murone, Carmel ; Fang, Catherine; Gong, Sylvia J; O’Keefe, Graeme J; Scott, Andrew M 
1324-Nov-2014Hypoxia-controlled EphA3 marks a human endometrium-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell that supports vascular growth.To, Catherine; Farnsworth, Rae H; Vail, Mary E; Chheang, Chanly; Gargett, Caroline E; Murone, Carmel ; Llerena, Carmen; Major, Andrew T; Scott, Andrew M ; Janes, Peter W; Lackmann, Martin
1430-May-2014Quantitative intratumoural microdistribution and kinetics of (131)I-huA33 antibody in patients with colorectal carcinoma.Ciprotti, Marika; Chong, Geoffrey ; Gan, Hui K ; Chan, Anthony; Murone, Carmel ; MacGregor, Duncan; Lee, Fook-Thean; Johns, Terrance G; Heath, Joan K; Ernst, Matthias ; Burgess, Antony W; Scott, Andrew M 
1526-Feb-2014A critical re-assessment of DNA repair gene promoter methylation in non-small cell lung carcinoma.Do, Hongdo; Wong, Nicholas C; Murone, Carmel ; John, Thomas ; Solomon, Benjamin J; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Dobrovic, Alexander 
1613-Oct-2009Phase I biodistribution and pharmacokinetic study of Lewis Y-targeting immunoconjugate CMD-193 in patients with advanced epithelial cancers.Herbertson, Rebecca A; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Lee, Fook-Thean; MacFarlane, David J; Chappell, Bridget; Micallef, Noel; Lee, Sze-Ting; Saunder, Timothy; Hopkins, Wendie; Smyth, Fiona E; Wyld, David K; Bellen, John; Sonnichsen, Daryl S; Brechbiel, Martin W; Murone, Carmel ; Scott, Andrew M 
171-Jun-2007A phase I biodistribution and pharmacokinetic trial of humanized monoclonal antibody Hu3s193 in patients with advanced epithelial cancers that express the Lewis-Y antigen.Scott, Andrew M ; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Lee, Fook-Thean; Cavicchiolo, Tina; Liu, Zhanqi; Gill, Sanjeev; Poon, Aurora M T ; Hopkins, Wendie; Smyth, Fiona E; Murone, Carmel ; MacGregor, Duncan; Papenfuss, Anthony T; Chappell, Bridget; Saunder, Timothy H; Brechbiel, Martin W; Davis, Ian D; Murphy, Roger; Chong, Geoffrey ; Hoffman, Eric W; Old, Lloyd J
181-Dec-2006Lack of correlation of hypoxic cell fraction and angiogenesis with glucose metabolic rate in non-small cell lung cancer assessed by 18F-Fluoromisonidazole and 18F-FDG PET.Cherk, Martin H; Foo, Serene S; Poon, Aurora M T ; Knight, Simon R ; Murone, Carmel ; Papenfuss, Anthony T; Sachinidis, John I; Saunder, Timothy H C; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Scott, Andrew M 
191-Mar-2006Correlation of hypoxic cell fraction and angiogenesis with glucose metabolic rate in gliomas using 18F-fluoromisonidazole, 18F-FDG PET, and immunohistochemical studies.Cher, Lawrence M ; Murone, Carmel ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Ramdave, Shanker; Papenfuss, Anthony; Hannah, Anthony; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Sachinidis, John I; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Fabinyi, Gavin C ; Scott, Andrew M 
201-Sep-2005Treatment of human tumor xenografts with monoclonal antibody 806 in combination with a prototypical epidermal growth factor receptor-specific antibody generates enhanced antitumor activity.Perera, Rushika M; Narita, Yoshitaka; Furnari, Frank B; Gan, Hui K ; Murone, Carmel ; Ahlkvist, Marika; Luwor, Rodney B; Burgess, Antony W; Stockert, Elisabeth; Jungbluth, Achim A; Old, Lloyd J; Cavenee, Webster K; Scott, Andrew M ; Johns, Terrance G