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Umbreen Hafeez
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Hafeez, Umbreen
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2021Inefficiencies in phase II to phase III transition impeding successful drug development in glioblastoma.Balasubramanian, Adithya ; Gunjur, Ashray ; Hafeez, Umbreen ; Menon, Siddharth; Cher, Lawrence M ; Parakh, Sagun ; Gan, Hui K 
2Dec-2020New insights into ErbB3 function and therapeutic targeting in cancer.Hafeez, Umbreen ; Parslow, Adam C; Gan, Hui K ; Scott, Andrew M 
316-Oct-2020Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Cancer Therapy.Hafeez, Umbreen ; Parakh, Sagun ; Gan, Hui K ; Scott, Andrew M 
4Dec-2019Biomarkers and smart intracranial devices for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of high-grade gliomas: a review of the literature and future prospects.Hafeez, Umbreen ; Cher, Lawrence M 
5Oct-2019Young adults diagnosed with high grade gliomas: Patterns of care, outcomes, and impact on employment.Hafeez, Umbreen ; Menon, Siddarth; Nguyen, Bella; Lum, Caroline; Gaughran, Gregory; Pranavan, Ganesalingham; Cher, Lawrence; Nowak, Anna K; Gan, Hui K ; Parakh, Sagun 
65-Jun-2018Monoclonal antibodies as immunomodulatory therapy against cancer and autoimmune diseases.Hafeez, Umbreen ; Gan, Hui K ; Scott, Andrew M 
72018Emerging Gene Fusion Drivers in Primary and Metastatic Central Nervous System Malignancies: A Review of Available Evidence for Systemic Targeted Therapies.Brastianos, Priscilla K; Ippen, Franziska Maria; Hafeez, Umbreen ; Gan, Hui K