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John S Archer
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Archer, John S
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
130-Jul-2022Cognition, adaptive skills and epilepsy disability/severity in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome undergoing deep brain stimulation for epilepsy in the ESTEL trial.Dalic, Linda J ; Warren, Aaron E L; Malpas, Charles B; Thevathasan, Wesley; Roten, Annie ; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Archer, John S 
2Jul-2022The Optimal Target and Connectivity for Deep Brain Stimulation in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.Warren, Aaron E L; Dalic, Linda J ; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Roten, Annie ; Thevathasan, Wesley; Archer, John S 
3Feb-2022DBS of thalamic centromedian nucleus for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (ESTEL trial).Dalic, Linda J ; Warren, Aaron E L; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Thevathasan, Wesley; Roten, Annie ; Churilov, Leonid ; Archer, John S 
4Oct-2021Expanding the clinical and radiological phenotypes of leukoencephalopathy due to biallelic HMBS mutations.Stutterd, Chloe A ; Kidd, Alexa; Florkowski, Chris; Janus, Edward; Fanjul, Miriam; Raizis, Anthony; Wu, Teddy Y; Archer, John S ; Leventer, Richard J; Amor, David J; Lukic, Vesna; Bahlo, Melanie; Gow, Paul J ; Lockhart, Paul J; van der Knaap, Marjo S; Delatycki, Martin B 
5Feb-2021The severe epilepsy syndromes of infancy: A population-based study.Howell, Katherine B; Freeman, Jeremy L; Mackay, Mark T; Fahey, Michael C; Archer, John S ; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Chan, Eunice; Dabscheck, Gabriel; Eggers, Stefanie; Hayman, Michael; Holberton, James; Hunt, Rodney W; Jacobs, Susan E; Kornberg, Andrew J; Leventer, Richard J; Mandelstam, Simone; McMahon, Jacinta M; Mefford, Heather C; Panetta, Julie; Riseley, Jessica; Rodriguez-Casero, Victoria; Ryan, Monique M; Schneider, Amy L ; Smith, Lindsay J; Stark, Zornitza; Wong, Flora; Yiu, Eppie M; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Harvey, A Simon
6Oct-2020Cortex leads the thalamic centromedian nucleus in generalized epileptic discharges in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.Dalic, Linda J ; Warren, Aaron E L; Young, James C; Thevathasan, Wesley; Roten, Annie ; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Archer, John S 
7Sep-2020Combined Isoflurane-Remifentanil Anaesthesia Permits Resting-State fMRI in Children with Severe Epilepsy and Intellectual Disability.Warren, Aaron E L; Davidson, Andrew; Vogrin, Simon J; Harvey, A Simon; Bailey, Catherine; Dalic, Linda J ; Abbott, David F ; Archer, John S 
824-Jan-2020Targeting the centromedian thalamic nucleus for deep brain stimulation.Warren, Aaron E L; Dalic, Linda J ; Thevathasan, Wesley; Roten, Annie ; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Archer, John S 
916-Jul-2019The epileptic network of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: Cortically driven and reproducible across age.Warren, Aaron E L; Harvey, A Simon; Vogrin, Simon J; Bailey, Catherine; Davidson, Andrew; Jackson, Graeme D ; Abbott, David F ; Archer, John S 
1021-May-2019Editorial: Functional Brain Mapping of Epilepsy Networks: Methods and Applications.Abbott, David F ; Archer, John S ; Carney, Patrick W ; Vaughan, David N; Jackson, Graeme D 
1116-Feb-2018Hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy evolving to contralateral hemi-Lennox-Gastaut-like phenotype.Myers, Kenneth A; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Archer, John S 
12Feb-2018Intraoperative definition of bottom-of-sulcus dysplasia using intraoperative ultrasound and single depth electrode recording - A technical noteMiller, Dorothea; Carney, Patrick W ; Archer, John S ; Fitt, Gregory J ; Jackson, Graeme D ; Bulluss, Kristian J 
133-Nov-2017Thalamocortical functional connectivity in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is abnormally enhanced in executive-control and default-mode networksWarren, Aaron EL; Abbott, David F ; Jackson, Graeme D ; Archer, John S 
14Jul-2017Refractory focal motor seizures controlled with intramuscular botulinum toxin.Lee, Wei-I; Carney, Patrick W ; Hughes, Andrew J ; Archer, John S 
15May-2017Cognitive network reorganization following surgical control of seizures in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.Warren, Aaron E L; Harvey, A Simon; Abbott, David F ; Vogrin, Simon J; Bailey, Catherine; Davidson, Andrew; Jackson, Graeme D ; Archer, John S 
1610-Jan-2017Abnormal neurovascular coupling during status epilepticus migrainosus in Sturge-Weber syndrome.Sethi, Moksh ; Kowalczyk, Magdalena A; Dalic, Linda J ; Archer, John S ; Jackson, Graeme D 
17Jan-2017Response: Can ECT cause "kindling" in the human brain?Archer, John S ; Bryson, Alexander ; Gardner, Helen; Wilson, Ian B; Rolfe, Tim 
18Nov-2016Temporal lobe epilepsy following maintenance electroconvulsive therapy-electrical kindling in the human brain?Bryson, Alexander ; Gardner, Helen; Wilson, Ian; Rolfe, Tim ; Archer, John S 
19Jul-2016Targeted therapeutic mild hypercapnia after cardiac arrest: A phase II multi-centre randomised controlled trial (the CCC trial).Eastwood, Glenn M ; Schneider, Antoine G; Suzuki, Satoshi; Peck, Leah ; Young, Helen ; Tanaka, Aiko; Mårtensson, Johan; Warrillow, Stephen J ; McGuinness, Shay; Parke, Rachael; Gilder, Eileen; Mccarthy, Lianne; Galt, Pauline; Taori, Gopal; Eliott, Suzanne; Lamac, Tammy; Bailey, Michael; Harley, Nerina; Barge, Deborah; Hodgson, Carol L; Morganti-Kossmann, Maria Cristina; Pébay, Alice; Conquest, Alison; Archer, John S ; Bernard, Stephen; Stub, Dion; Hart, Graeme K ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
20May-2016Abnormal cognitive network interactions in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: A potential mechanism of epileptic encephalopathy.Warren, Aaron E L; Abbott, David F ; Vaughan, David N; Jackson, Graeme D ; Archer, John S