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Title: Systemic and renovascular hypertension.
Austin Authors: Jackson, B ;Franze, L;Whitty, M
Affiliation: University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine, Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1992
Publication information: The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine; 166(1): 155-64
Abstract: To ascertain the contribution of systemic hypertension in the progression of renal failure, we have studied the effects of pharmacological treatment of hypertension in rats with the remnant kidney model of renal insufficiency, streptozotocin diabetes, or nephrotoxic serum nephritis. Treatment with the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor enalapril lowered systemic blood pressure in the remnant kidney and diabetic animals, but did not lower blood pressure in rats with nephrotoxic serum nephritis. Proteinuria was reduced in all three models, and creatinine clearance improved in the remnant kidney and diabetic animals, when compared with untreated controls. In the remnant kidney and diabetic models systemic blood pressure was lowered to a similar degree by treatments with a calcium blocker, with no improvement in either proteinuria, or glomerular filtration rate. Further studies of the long-term effects of enalapril have been undertaken in rats with the two kidney one clip model of hypertension. Rats treated with enalapril had a lower blood pressure and improved survival over one year of treatment, compared with untreated rats. After 1 year of treatment however the clipped kidney was small and fibrotic, and non functional. Following withdrawal of enalapril therapy there was no functional improvement of the clipped kidney. The possibility that ACE inhibitors have a specific intra-renal effect reducing the rate of progression of renal disease now needs confirmation in human studies. In renovascular hypertension however, intra-renal changes induced by ACE inhibitors may cause irreversible renal damage.
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Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Animals
Hypertension, Renovascular.physiopathology
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