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Title: The cervical branch-first technique in complex resternotomy.
Austin Authors: Ng, Michelle;Matalanis, George 
Affiliation: Cardiac Surgery
Issue Date: Dec-2023
Date: 2023
Publication information: JTCVS Techniques 2023-12; 22
Abstract: Branch-first total aortic arch repair is a paradigm shift in the technical approach for uninterrupted neuroprotection during open aortic surgery. This technique is further modified to instigate hazardous sternal reentry in patients with hostile mediastinal anatomy at risk of aortic injury. Intraoperative preparation and the illustrated operative technique of the cervical branch-first technique are described. The accompanying case series narrates the experiences and outcomes of 4 patients who underwent successful complex reoperative aortic surgery utilizing this technique. The indications for resternotomy included a sixth reoperation for recurrent mycotic aortic pseudoaneurysm, a third reoperation for extensive infective endocarditis, a reoperation for complete Bentall graft dehiscence with contained aortic rupture, and a third reoperation for residual type A dissection. All patients survived their proposed surgery. Two patients were operated on in an emergency setting. Two patients separated from cardiopulmonary bypass with extracorporeal support. None experienced permanent neurological sequelae, gut ischemia, peripheral arterial complications, or in-hospital mortality. One mortality due to decompensated heart failure was reported at 6¬†months postoperatively. The cervical branch-first technique offers unparalleled advantage in neuroprotection from an early stage of complex reoperative aortic surgery. It provides an independent circuit for complete antegrade cerebral perfusion, irrespective of suspension to circulatory flows to the rest of the body during complex reentry into hostile chests. Our experience to date has demonstrated promising outcomes and further refinements will guide patient selection best suited for this technique.
DOI: 10.1016/j.xjtc.2023.08.030
Journal: JTCVS Techniques
Start page: 132
End page: 141
PubMed URL: 38152225
ISSN: 2666-2507
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: branch-first total arch repair
complex redo sternotomy
redo open aortic surgery
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