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Title: Late recurrence of atrial fibrillation and flutter in patients referred for elective electrical cardioversion.
Austin Authors: Toner, Liam ;Proimos, Helena;Scully, Timothy;Ko, Jefferson ;Koshy, Anoop N ;Horrigan, Mark ;Lim, Han S ;Lin, Tina;Farouque, Omar 
Affiliation: Austin Health
Medicine (University of Melbourne)
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2023
Date: 2023
Publication information: Kardiologiia 2023; 63(1)
Abstract: Aim    The primary aim was to ascertain long-term rates of atrial fibrillation (AF) recurrence in this all-comer patient population undergoing elective electrical cardioversion (DCR). Secondary aims included procedural DCR success, clinical predictors of long-term maintenance of sinus rhythm (SR) and AF related hospitalizations.Material and Methods    A retrospective cohort study was conducted. Consecutive patients (n=316) undergoing elective DCR were included.Results    Successful immediate reversion to SR was attained in 266 (84 %) of patients. 224 (84 %) patients were followed up for a median period of 3.5 years (IQR 2.7-4.3). Most patients (150 [67 %]) had recurrence of AF / flutter at a median time of 240 days. Clinical predictors of AF recurrence included a history of AF (HR 0.63, p=0.038) and a dilated left atrium (HR 4.13, p=0.048). Maintenance of SR was associated with fewer unplanned hospitalizations for AF (HR 3.25, p<0.01).Conclusion    There was high procedural success post DCR. However, long-term rates of AF recurrence were high, and AF recurrences were associated with increased hospitalizations. These findings underscore the importance of clinical vigilance and multi-modal management as part of a comprehensive and effective rhythm control strategy.
DOI: 10.18087/cardio.2023.1.n2145
Journal: Kardiologiia
Start page: 54
End page: 59
PubMed URL: 36749202
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Electric Countershock/methods
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