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Rebecca J. Jarden
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Jarden, Rebecca J.
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Dr. Rebecca Jarden is a registered nurse with a strong clinical nursing background in intensive care, leading and supporting quality nursing care and driving translational nurse wellbeing research. Rebecca is Senior Nursing Research Fellow at Austin Health and Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne. Rebecca’s academic background focused on psychology and anthropology before nursing, and she investigated nurse wellbeing for her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Rebecca’s post-doctoral research continues a health workforce focus, exploring wellbeing during transition and beyond.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
131-Oct-2023Agitation during anaesthetic emergence: An observational study of adult cardiac surgery patients in two Australian intensive care units.Heily, Meredith; Gerdtz, Marie; Jarden, Rebecca J. ; Yap, Celene Yl; Darvall, Jai; Coventry, Andrew Ej; Rogers, Amy; Vernon, Julie; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
229-Jun-2023Nurse-led emergency department avoidance model of care for patients receiving cancer therapy in the ambulatory setting: a health service improvement initiative.Mellerick, Angela ; Akers, Georgina; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Lane, Tyler; Jarden, Rebecca J. ; Whitfield, Kathryn
38-Jun-2023Entry to practice nursing students' experiences of debriefing during clinical practice: A qualitative meta-synthesis.Cambridge, Prue; Brockenshire, Naomi; Bridge, Nicholas; Jarden, Rebecca J. 
424-May-2023Wellbeing measures for workers: a systematic review and methodological quality appraisalJarden, Rebecca J. ; Siegert, Richard J.; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Bujalka, Helena; Sandham, Margaret H.
527-Apr-2023A rapid review of challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion as experienced by early and mid-career academics in the medicine, dentistry and health sciences fields.Piano, Marianne; Diemer, Kristin; Hall, Michelle; Hui, Flora; Kefalianos, Elaina; Lawford, Belinda J; McKibbin, Gemma; Jarden, Rebecca J. 
620-Mar-2023Learning experiences of first year graduate entry nursing students in New Zealand and Australia: a qualitative case study.Winnington, Rhona; Shannon, Kay; Turner, Rosemary; Jarden, Rebecca J. ; McClunie-Trust, Patricia; Jones, Virginia; Merrick, Eamon; Donaldson, Andrea; Macdiarmid, Rachel
721-Feb-2023Factors contributing to nurse resignation during COVID-19: A qualitative descriptive study.Jarden, Rebecca J. ; Scott, Suzanne; Rickard, Nonie; Long, Karrie; Burke, Shirley; Morrison, Morag; Mills, Leanne; Barker, Emma; Sharma, Karan; Twomey, Bernadette
824-Jun-2022Nurses' experiences of supporting patients requesting voluntary assisted dying: A qualitative meta-synthesis.Sandham, Margaret; Carey, Melissa; Hedgecock, Emma; Jarden, Rebecca J. 
92022Coronavirus disease 2019 critical care essentials course for nurses: Development and implementation of an education program for healthcare professionalsJarden, Rebecca J.