Ashley Macleod

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Ashley Macleod
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Macleod, Ashley
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2021Advance care directive prevalence among older Australians and associations with person-level predictors and quality indicators.Buck, Kimberly ; Nolte, Linda ; Sellars, Marcus ; Sinclair, Craig; White, Ben P; Kelly, Helana; Macleod, Ashley ; Detering, Karen M 
2Jul-2021Exploring advance care planning awareness, experiences, and preferences of people with cancer and support people: an Australian online cross-sectional study.Rodi, Helena ; Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; Macleod, Ashley ; Todd, Julia G ; Fullerton, Sonia; Waller, Amy; Nolte, Linda 
321-Sep-2020Identifying barriers and facilitators to implementing advance care planning in prisons: a rapid literature review.Macleod, Ashley ; Nair, Divya; Ilbahar, Ekin; Sellars, Marcus ; Nolte, Linda