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Lih-Ming Wong
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Wong, Lih-Ming
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2020Pressurized-Bag Irrigation Versus Hand-Operated Irrigation Pumps During Ureteroscopic Laser Lithotripsy: Comparison of Infectious Complications.Farag, Matthew ; Timm, Brennan ; Davis, Niall; Wong, Lih-Ming ; Bolton, Damien M ; Jack, Gregory S 
230-May-2020Pressurized-bag irrigation versus hand-operated irrigation pumps during ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy: Comparison of infectious complications.Farag, Matthew ; Timm, Brennan ; Davis, Niall F; Wong, Lih-Ming ; Bolton, Damien M ; Jack, Gregory S 
32020Prostate-specific membrane antigen PET-CT in patients with high-risk prostate cancer before curative-intent surgery or radiotherapy (proPSMA): a prospective, randomised, multi-centre study.Hofman, Michael S; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Francis, Roslyn J; Tang, Colin; Vela, Ian; Thomas, Paul; Rutherford, Natalie; Martin, Jarad M; Frydenberg, Mark; Shakher, Ramdave; Wong, Lih-Ming ; Taubman, Kim; Lee, Sze Ting ; Hsiao, Edward; Roach, Paul; Nottage, Michelle; Kirkwood, Ian; Hayne, Dickon; Link, Emma; Marusic, Petra; Matera, Anetta; Herschtal, Alan; Iravani, Amir; Hicks, Rodney J; Williams, Scott; Murphy, Declan G
4May-2017Hospital volume and perioperative outcomes for radical cystectomy: a population study.Udovicich, Cristian; Perera, Marlon ; Huq, Molla; Wong, Lih-Ming ; Lenaghan, Daniel
51-Sep-2014Active surveillance in patients with a PSA >10 ng/mL.Toren, Paul; Wong, Lih-Ming ; Timilshina, Narhari; Alibhai, Shabbir; Trachtenberg, John; Fleshner, Neil; Finelli, Antonio
615-Apr-2014Regular transition zone biopsy during active surveillance for prostate cancer may improve detection of pathological progression.Wong, Lih-Ming ; Toi, Ants; Van der Kwast, Theodorus; Trottier, Greg; Alibhai, Shabbir M H; Timilshina, Narhari; Evans, Andrew; Zlotta, Alexandre; Fleshner, Neil; Finelli, Antonio