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Ashish Srinivasan
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Srinivasan, Ashish
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2021Editorial: outcomes following a second switch-evaluating clinical outcomes and patient perspectives in IBD.Srinivasan, Ashish ; Haifer, Craig; Thin, Lena
211-Feb-2021Real-World Effectiveness of Ustekinumab Dose Intensification in Crohn's Disease.Srinivasan, Ashish ; van Langenberg, Daniel; De Cruz, Peter P 
316-Aug-2020Tofacitinib is Safe and Effective When Used in Combination With Infliximab for the Management of Refractory Ulcerative Colitis.Gilmore, Robert B ; Hilley, Patrick; Srinivasan, Ashish ; Choy, Matthew C ; Grace, Josephine A ; De Cruz, Peter P 
414-Aug-2020Vedolizumab for ulcerative colitis: Real world outcomes from a multicenter observational cohort of Australia and Oxford.Pulusu, Samba Siva Reddy; Srinivasan, Ashish ; Krishnaprasad, Krupa; Cheng, Daniel; Begun, Jakob; Keung, Charlotte; Van Langenberg, Daniel; Thin, Lena; Mogilevski, Tamara; De Cruz, Peter P ; Radford-Smith, Graham; Flanagan, Emma; Bell, Sally; Kashkooli, Soleiman; Sparrow, Miles; Ghaly, Simon; Bampton, Peter; Sawyer, Elise; Connor, Susan; Rizvi, Quart-Ul-Ain; Andrews, Jane M; Mahy, Gillian; Chivers, Paola; Travis, Simon; Lawrance, Ian Craig
5Aug-2020Letter: ustekinumab dose intensification for loss of response-should we re-induce before shortening the dose interval?Srinivasan, Ashish ; De Cruz, Peter P ; van Langenberg, Daniel R
6Aug-2020Letter: choosing between ustekinumab and vedolizumab in anti-TNF refractory Crohn's disease-the devil is in the detail.Srinivasan, Ashish ; De Cruz, Peter P ; van Langenberg, Daniel R
717-Jul-2020Anti-TNF-associated immunogenicity: use a retroactive drug but a proactive approach.Srinivasan, Ashish ; De Cruz, Peter P ; van Langenberg, Daniel R
8Jun-2020A virtual clinic increases anti-TNF dose intensification success via a treat-to-target approach compared with standard outpatient care in Crohn's disease.Srinivasan, Ashish ; van Langenberg, Daniel R; Little, Robert D; Sparrow, Miles P; De Cruz, Peter P ; Ward, Mark G
92020Using Ustekinumab to Treat Crohn's Disease-Related Orofacial Granulomatosis: Two Birds, One Stone.Gilmore, Robert B ; Li Wai Suen, Christopher F D; Elliott, Tim; De Cruz, Peter P ; Srinivasan, Ashish 
10Sep-2017Review article: a practical approach to the clinical management of NSAID enteropathy.Srinivasan, Ashish ; De Cruz, Peter
114-May-2017Atraumatic chylous ascites: an unusual presentation of bladder cancer.Srinivasan, Ashish ; Apostolov, Ross ; Leong, Amanda ; Johnson, Douglas F