Dean Seah

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Dean Seah
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Seah, Dean
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
119-Sep-2023Factors Associated With Response to Rescue Therapy in Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis.Li Wai Suen, Christopher F D; Seah, Dean ; Choy, Matthew C ; De Cruz, Peter P 
22019Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: Optimal Salvage Therapy in Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis.Choy, Matthew C ; Seah, Dean ; Faleck, David M; Shah, Shailja C; Chao, Che-Yung; An, Yoon-Kyo; Radford-Smith, Graham; Bessissow, Talat; Dubinsky, Marla C; Ford, Alexander C; Churilov, Leonid ; Yeomans, Neville D ; De Cruz, Peter P 
3Jul-2018Predicting response after infliximab salvage in acute severe ulcerative colitis.Choy, Matthew C ; Seah, Dean ; Gorelik, Alexandra; An, Yoon-Kyo; Chen, Cheng-Yu; Macrae, Finlay A; Sparrow, Miles P; Connell, William R; Moore, Gregory T; Radford-Smith, Graham; Van Langenberg, Daniel R; De Cruz, Peter
4Jan-2018Examining maintenance care following infliximab salvage therapy for acute severe ulcerative colitisSeah, Dean ; Choy, Matthew C ; Gorelik, Alexandra; Connell, William R; Sparrow, Miles P; van Langenberg, Daniel; Hebbard, Geoffrey; Moore, Gregory; De Cruz, Peter
5May-2017Acute Life-Threatening Portal Hypertension After Portosystemic Shunt Embolization.Khan, Saad A; Pham, Cecilia ; Seah, Dean ; Ranatunga, Dinesh G ; Gow, Paul J 
6Feb-2016Review article: the practical management of acute severe ulcerative colitisSeah, D ; De Cruz, Peter