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Laura Margison
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Margison, Laura
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2016Standardized Expression of 18F-NAV4694 and 11C-PiB β-Amyloid PET Results with the Centiloid Scale.Rowe, Christopher C ; Jones, Gareth; Doré, Vincent ; Pejoska, Svetlana; Margison, Laura ; Mulligan, Rachel S ; Chan, J Gordon ; Young, Kenneth ; Villemagne, Victor L 
22016Subjective Memory Complaints in APOEɛ4 Carriers are Associated with High Amyloid-β Burden.Zwan, Marissa D; Villemagne, Victor L ; Doré, Vincent ; Buckley, Rachel; Bourgeat, Pierrick; Veljanoski, Robyn; Salvado, Olivier; Williams, Rob; Margison, Laura ; Rembach, Alan; Macaulay, S Lance; Martins, Ralph; Ames, David; van der Flier, Wiesje M; Ellis, Kathryn A; Scheltens, Philip; Masters, Colin L ; Rowe, Christopher C