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Augusto Gonzalvo
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Gonzalvo, Augusto
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020Prospective Longitudinal Evaluation of Coagulation with Novel Thromboelastography Technology in Patients after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - A Pilot Study.El-Khawas, Khaled; Lloyd-Donald, Patryck ; Hart, Graeme K ; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Smith, Carole; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
2Dec-2019Anterior versus posterior approach in traumatic thoracolumbar burst fractures deemed for surgical management: Systematic review and meta-analysis.Tan, Terence; Rutges, Joost; Marion, Travis; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Mathew, Joseph; Fitzgerald, Mark; Dvorak, Marcel; Schroeder, Gregory; Tee, Jin
323-Sep-2019Prophylactic Postoperative Measures to Minimize Surgical Site Infections in Spine Surgery: Systematic Review and Evidence Summary.Tan, Terence; Lee, Hui; Huang, Milly S; Rutges, Joost; Marion, Travis E; Matthew, Joseph; Fitzgerald, Mark; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Hunn, Martin K; Kwon, Brian K; Dvorak, Marcel F; Tee, Jin
4Oct-2018A single-institution prospective evaluation of a neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team meeting.Ameratunga, Malaka; Miller, Dorothea; Ng, Wayne; Wada, Morikatsu ; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Cher, Lawrence M ; Gan, Hui K 
5May-2018Radiological evaluation of C1 pedicle screw anatomic feasibility.Dawes, Bryden ; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Gonzalvo, Augusto 
6Nov-2017Case report: Angiosarcoma of the cervical spinePĆ¼lhorn, Heinke; Elliot, Timothy; Clark, Jonathan; Gonzalvo, Augusto 
7Sep-2017Symptomatic concurrent spinal epidural lipomatosis and spinal pathology.Dawes, Bryden ; Lo, Jonathon; Byrne, Stephen T; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Wilde, Peter H
8Jun-2016Congenital biparietal foramina presenting with multiple concussions.Abdul Jalil, Muhammad Fahmi; Russell, Jeremy; Delatycki, Martin B ; Gonzalvo, Augusto 
92015Correlation between pedicle size and the rate of pedicle screw misplacement in the treatment of thoracic fractures: Can we predict how difficult the task will be?Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Fitt, Gregory J ; Liew, Susan; de la Harpe, David; Vrodos, Nikitas; McDonald, Matthew; Rogers, Myron A; Wilde, Peter H
107-Jun-2014Radiation induced malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour of the second cervical nerve.Dawes, Bryden ; Clark, Jonathan; Byrne, Stephen T; Kalnins, Renate M; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Rogers, Myron
1120-Nov-2013Intradural extramedullary colorectal adenocarcinoma metastasis to the cervical spinePetterwood, Joshua; Lim, Kelvin; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Quan, Gerald MY
126-Sep-2013Lymphoma of the trigeminal nerve--the need for histological diagnosis.Perera, Chandrashan; Fitt, Gregory J ; Kalnins, Renate M; Lee, Stewart; Gonzalvo, Augusto 
1318-Aug-2013An in vivo mouse model of intraosseous spinal cancer causing evolving paraplegia.Cossigny, Davina A F; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Dushyanthen, Sathana; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Quan, Gerald M Y 
141-Apr-2011Single-level/single-stage debridement and posterior instrumented fusion in the treatment of spontaneous pyogenic osteomyelitis/discitis: long-term functional outcome and health-related quality of life.Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Abdulla, Irfan; Riazi, Arash; De La Harpe, David
151-Oct-2009The learning curve of pedicle screw placement: how many screws are enough?Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Fitt, Gregory J ; Liew, Susan; de la Harpe, David; Turner, Peter; Ton, Lu; Rogers, Myron A; Wilde, Peter H