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Michael Galea
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Galea, Michael
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020The effects of sublingual nitroglycerin administration in coronary computed tomography angiography.Kutaiba, Numan ; Lukies, Matthew; Galea, Michael ; Begbie, Mark; Smith, Gerard; Kearney, Leighton G ; Spelman, Tim; Lim, Ruth P 
26-Nov-2019Risk of Arterial Injury During Hip Internal Fixation.Jaipurwala, Rizwan; Galea, Michael ; Hardidge, Andrew J 
3Jul-2019Radiation Dose Associated With Over Scanning in Neck CT.Badawy, Mohamed Khaldoun; Lane, Hannah; Galea, Michael 
47-Oct-2016Multidetector (64+) computed tomography angiography of the lower limb in symptomatic peripheral arterial disease: assessment of image quality and accuracy in a tertiary care settingLim, Jeremy C; Ranatunga, Dinesh; Owen, Andrew R; Spelman, Timothy D; Galea, Michael ; Chuen, Jason ; Lim, Ruth P 
5Oct-2015Computed tomography overexposure as a consequence of extended scan length.Badawy, Mohamed Khaldoun; Galea, Michael ; Mong, Kam Shan; U, Paul L