Jennifer Ericksen

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Jennifer Ericksen
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Ericksen, Jennifer
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
116-Jul-2022Web-based treatment for depression in pregnancy: a feasibility study of Mum2BMoodBooster.Gemmill, Alan W ; Oliva, Jessica Lee; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Holt, Charlene ; Holt, Christopher J; Milgrom, Jeannette 
217-Feb-2022Adapting and testing a brief intervention to reduce maternal anxiety during pregnancy (ACORN): report of a feasibility randomized controlled trial.O'Mahen, Heather A; Ramchandani, Paul G; King, Dorothy X; Lee-Carbon, Leonie; Wilkinson, Esther L; Thompson-Booth, Chloe; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Milgrom, Jeannette ; Dunkley-Bent, Jacqueline; Halligan, Sarah L; Fearon, Pasco
320-Jan-2022Interventions for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety in Fathers: A Mini-Review.Rodrigues, Andre L; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Watson, Brittany; Gemmill, Alan W ; Milgrom, Jeannette 
42021Internet and Face-to-face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Postnatal Depression Compared With Treatment as Usual: Randomized Controlled Trial of MumMoodBooster.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Danaher, Brian G; Seeley, John R; Holt, Christopher J; Holt, Charlene ; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Tyler, Milagra S; Gau, Jeff M; Gemmill, Alan W 
5Jul-2018A therapeutic playgroup for depressed mothers and their infants: feasability study and pilot randomised trial of Community HUGSEricksen, Jennifer ; Loughlin, Elizabeth ; Holt, Charlene ; Rose, Natalie; Hartley, Eliza ; Buultjens, Melissa; Gemmill, Alan W ; Milgrom, Jeannette 
622-Mar-2016Adapting and testing a brief intervention to reduce maternal anxiety during pregnancy (ACORN): study protocol for a randomised controlled trialWilkinson, Esther L; O'Mahen, Heather A; Fearon, Pasco; Halligan, Sarah; King, Dorothy X; Greenfield, Geva; Dunkley-Bent, Jacqueline; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Milgrom, Jeannette ; Ramchandani, Paul G
724-Feb-2015Feasibility study and pilot randomised trial of an antenatal depression treatment with infant follow-up.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Holt, Charlene ; Holt, Christopher J; Ross, Jessica; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Gemmill, Alan W 
813-Jan-2015Treatment of postnatal depression with cognitive behavioural therapy, sertraline and combination therapy: a randomised controlled trial.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Gemmill, Alan W ; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Burrows, Graham D; Buist, Anne ; Reece, John
927-May-2011Treating postnatal depressive symptoms in primary care: a randomised controlled trial of GP management, with and without adjunctive counselling.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Holt, Christopher J; Gemmill, Alan W ; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Leigh, Bronwyn; Buist, Anne ; Schembri, Charlene
1026-Nov-2010Towards parenthood: an antenatal intervention to reduce depression, anxiety and parenting difficulties.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Schembri, Charlene; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Ross, Jessica; Gemmill, Alan W 
111-Jan-2008Single motherhood versus poor partner relationship: outcomes for antenatal mental health.Bilszta, Justin L C; Tang, Melissa; Meyer, Denny; Milgrom, Jeannette ; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Buist, Anne 
1218-Dec-2007Antenatal risk factors for postnatal depression: a large prospective study.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Gemmill, Alan W ; Bilszta, Justin L C; Hayes, Barbara A; Barnett, Bryanne; Brooks, Janette; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Ellwood, David; Buist, Anne 
1317-Aug-2006A survey of the clinical acceptability of screening for postnatal depression in depressed and non-depressed women.Gemmill, Alan W ; Leigh, Bronwyn; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Milgrom, Jeannette 
141-Sep-2005Screening for postnatal depression in routine primary care: properties of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in an Australian sample.Milgrom, Jeannette ; Ericksen, Jennifer ; Negri, Lisa; Gemmill, Alan W