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1Jan-2024An intoxication involving 2-methyl AP-237 and AP-238 from Victoria, Australia: Case report.Maplesden, Jacqueline; Greene, Shaun L ; Syrjanen, Rebekka; Di Rago, Matthew; Schumann, Jennifer
210-Nov-2023A risk-based approach to community illicit drug toxicosurveillance: operationalisation of the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria (EDNAV) project.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Schumann, Jennifer L; Lyons, Tom; McKinnon, Ginny; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Fitzgerald, John; Greene, Shaun L 
37-Nov-2023Characteristics and time course of benzodiazepine-type new psychoactive substance detections in Australia: results from the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria project 2020-2022.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Greene, Shaun L ; Weber, Courtney; Smith, Jennifer L; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Knott, Jonathan; Hollerer, Hans; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Graudins, Andis ; Schumann, Jennifer L
419-Oct-2023A cluster of acute thebaine poisonings from non-food grade poppy seeds in the Australian food supply.Isoardi, Katherine Z; Roberts, Darren M; Holford, Amanda G; Brown, Jared A; Griffiths, Andrew; Soderstrom, Jessamine; McDonald, Catherine; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Sakrajda, Paul; Turner, Claire; Yates, Hans; Gunja, Naren; Greene, Shaun L 
5Apr-2023Non-fatal intoxications involving the novel benzodiazepine clonazolam: case series from the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria project.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Greene, Shaun L ; Castle, Jared W; Di Rago, Matthew; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Graudins, Andis ; Schumann, Jennifer L
622-Feb-2023Thirteen toxicology tidbits for the emergency clinician.Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Guertin, Marina
715-Feb-2023A comparison of the accuracy of mushroom identification applications using digital photographs.Hodgson, Sarah E; McKenzie, Christine; May, Tom W; Greene, Shaun L 
82023Trends in calls to a state poisons centre and presentation to emergency departments for intentional antidepressant overdose in Victoria, Australia.Doherty, Zakary; Wong, Anselm Y ; Hayman, Jane; Greene, Shaun L 
92023The Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria Clinical Registry: A state-wide illicit substance surveillance and alert network.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Schumann, Jennifer; Fitzgerald, John; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Knott, Jonathan; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Hollerer, Hans; Hannon, Liam; Bourke, Elyssia; Hodgson, Sarah E; Greene, Shaun L 
1018-Dec-2022Utility of NT-proBNP monitoring in prolonged coma following massive baclofen exposure.Hodgson, Sarah E; Wong, Anselm Y 
11Nov-2022Oral iron overdose following intravenous iron infusion: to chelate or not?Hodgson, S E; Graudins, A
1226-Sep-2022Oral iron overdose following intravenous iron infusion: to chelate or not?Hodgson, Sarah E; Graudins, Andis 
1319-Aug-2022Intoxications in an Australian Emergency Department Involving 'Nitazene' Benzylbenzimidazole Synthetic Opioids (Etodesnitazene, Butonitazene and Protonitazene).Schumann, J L; Syrjanen, R; Alford, K; Mashetty, S; Castle, J W; Rotella, Joe Anthony; Maplesden, J; Greene, Shaun L 
14Jun-2022Exposure to hand sanitisers and other cleaning products in Victoria, Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.Norvill, Alice; Elliott, Rohan A ; Wong, Anselm Y 
15Jun-2022Increasing emergency department attendances in central London with methamphetamine toxicity and associated harms.Harnett, James T; Dargan, Paul I; Dines, Alison M; Archer, John R H; Greene, Shaun L ; Hunter, Laura J; Wood, David M
1610-May-2022Paracetamol dosing in hospital and on discharge for older people who are frail or have low body weight.Reid, Olivia; Ngo, Janet; Lalic, Samanta; Su, Elizabeth; Elliott, Rohan A 
17Apr-2022Toceranib: Isolated acute liver injury following ingestion of a canine tyrosine kinase inhibitor treated with N-acetylcysteine.Hodgson, Sarah E; Sulaeman, Siba J; Stanley, B; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Braitberg, George
18Feb-2022The Emerging Drugs Network of Australia: A toxicosurveillance system of illicit and emerging drugs in the emergency department.Smith, Jennifer L; Soderstrom, Jessamine; Dawson, Andrew; Alfred, Sam; Greene, Shaun L ; Isoardi, Katherine; McCutcheon, David; Oosthuizen, Francois; Ezard, Nadine; Burcham, Jonathon; Fatovich, Daniel M
192022Paracetamol toxicity in mild overdose in combination with opioids: a retrospective observational study.Amer, Halima; Archer, John R H; Layne, Kerry; Dines, Alison M; Wood, David M; Greene, Shaun L ; Dargan, Paul I
202022A cluster of 25B-NBOH poisonings following exposure to powder sold as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).Ivory, Sean T; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Schumann, Jennifer; Greene, Shaun L