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Ejareh Dar,

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12022Advice for doctors working or planning to work in intensive care: summation from a¬†qualitative study.Dennis, Diane; Knott, Cameron I ; Khanna, Rahul ; van Heerden, Peter Vernon
22018An Ambulatory Polysomnography Study of the Post-traumatic Nightmares of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.Phelps, Andrea J; Kanaan, Richard A A ; Worsnop, Christopher J ; Redston, Suzy ; Ralph, Naomi; Forbes, David
322-Nov-2017An ambulatory PSG study of the posttraumatic nightmares of posttraumatic stress disorderPhelps, Andrea J; Kanaan, Richard A A ; Worsnop, Christopher; Redston, Suzy ; Ralph, Naomi; Forbes, David
46-Nov-2021Behavioural responses of Intensivists to stressors in Intensive Care.Dennis, D; van Heerden, P V; Khanna, Rahul ; Knott, Cameron I 
5Aug-2020Brain health diplomacy in a new decade: why innovation matters.Khanna, Rahul ; Edgcomb, Juliet Beni
61-May-2018Demographics and study practices of psychiatry trainees sitting the RANZCP written examinations.Khanna, Rahul ; Matta, Gabrielle; Visa, Bharat ; Ryan, Anna
7Jan-2017Demonstrating conversion in the clinicEjareh Dar, Maryam ; Kanaan, Richard A A 
8Feb-2022Diagnostic agreement and concordance between consultation-liaison psychiatry and non-psychiatric (medical and surgical) doctors: changes within junior doctor's terms.Kim, Hannah; Khanna, Rahul ; Olver, James S ; Norman, Trevor R 
91-Mar-2022The Different Challenges in Being an Adult Versus a Pediatric Intensivist.Dennis, Diane; van Heerden, Peter; Khanna, Rahul ; Knott, Cameron I ; Zhang, Simone; Calhoun, Aaron
107-Aug-2018Erratum to "Demonstrating conversion in the clinic" [Psychosomatics 58/1 (2017) 97-98].Ejareh Dar, Maryam ; Kanaan, Richard A A 
112022Evaluation of a Housing First programme for people from the public mental health sector with severe and persistent mental illnesses and precarious housing: Housing, health and service use outcomes.Dunt, David Robert; Day, Susan Elizabeth; Collister, Laura; Fogerty, Beth; Frankish, Rosie; Castle, David J; Hoppner, Cayte; Stafrace, Simon; Sherwood, Sharon; Newton, J Richard; Redston, Suzy 
12Feb-2023Evaluation of consultation liaison psychiatry in Australian public hospitals (AU-CLS-1).Flavel, Mary-Jo; Holmes, Alex; Ellen, Steve; Khanna, Rahul 
131-Aug-2014'Help us, she's fading away': How to manage the patient with anorexia nervosa.Redston, Suzy ; Tiller, John; Schweitzer, Isaac; Keks, Nicholas; Burrows, Graham D; Castle, David J; Newton, Richard
14Sep-2020Making working from home work: reflections on adapting to change.Khanna, Rahul ; Murnane, Tess ; Kumar, Shakira; Rolfe, Timothy ; Dimitrieski, Stephanie ; McKeown, Michael ; Ejareh Dar, Maryam ; Gavson, Laura ; Ghandi, Charu 
154-Nov-2020Masks in Melbourne: an inpatient mental health unit's COVID-19 experience.Soh, Keng Chuan; Khanna, Rahul ; Parsons, Alicia ; Visa, Bharat ; Ejareh Dar, Maryam 
1627-Nov-2021Mitigating emotional responses to stressors: coping strategies, modifiers and support.Dennis, D; van Heerden, P V; Knott, Cameron I ; Khanna, Rahul 
176-Aug-2020A multi-centre, double-blind, 12-week, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to assess the efficacy of adjunctive N-Acetylcysteine for treatment-resistant PTSD: a study protocol.Maier, Alice ; Dharan, Anita ; Oliver, Gina; Berk, Michael; Redston, Suzy ; Back, Sudie E; Kalivas, Peter; Ng, Chee; Kanaan, Richard A A 
182023The nature and sources of the emotional distress felt by intensivists and the burdens that are carried: A qualitative study.Dennis, Diane; Vernon van Heerden, Peter; Knott, Cameron I ; Khanna, Rahul 
19Jul-2020Telepsychiatry as a public health imperative: Slowing COVID-19.Khanna, Rahul ; Forbes, Malcom
202019The effect of therapeutic phlebotomy for hemochromatosis on non-suicidal self-injury: A case report.Newham, Benjamin J C; Khanna, Rahul