Ear Nose Throat / Head and Neck Surgery

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Ear Nose Throat / Head and Neck Surgery
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Heidelberg, Victoria

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122-Aug-2023Feasibility of transsphenoidal approach for hypothalamic biopsy based on a radiological evaluation of subchiasmatic corridor dimension.Yi Chen, Bi; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Kam, Jeremy; Lee, Stewart; Gonsalvo, Gus
2Mar-2023Risk factors and management outcomes in epistaxis: a tertiary centre experience.Hughes, Jed M; Teh, Bing Mei; Hart, Cameron J; Gibbs, Harry H; Aung, Ar Kar
3Feb-2023Frontal sinus obliteration with beta-tricalcium phosphate putty: case series with long-term radiological follow up.Moore, P; Kam, J K T; Castle-Kirszbaum, M; Tan, D; Wreghitt, Samuel ; Lee, S ; Gonzalvo, C A
4Sep-2022Factors associated with short versus prolonged tracheostomy length of cannulation and the relationship between length of cannulation and adverse events.Zaga, Charissa J ; Sweeney, Joanne M ; Cameron, Tanis S ; Campbell, Matthew C ; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Howard, Mark E 
520-Jun-2022Frontal sinus obliteration with beta-tricalcium phosphate putty: a case series with long-term radiological follow up.Moore, Phillip; Kam, Jeremy Kt; Castle-Kirszbaum, Mendel; Tan, Darius; Wreghitt, Samuel ; Lee, Stewart; Gonzalvo, Carlos Augusto
6May-2022Materials used for mastoid obliteration and its complications: a systematic review.Choong, Keith Wai Keong; Kwok, Matthew Ming Kei; Shen, Yi; Gerard, Jean-Marc; Teh, Bing Mei
7May-2021Emergency tracheostomy management cognitive aid.Graham, Jonathan M ; Fisher, Caleb M; Cameron, Tanis S ; Streader, Trevor G; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Chao, Caroline ; Chong, Christine Knee; Ellard, Louise ; Hamoline, Jerome L; McMurray, Kristy A; Phillips, Damien J; Ross, Jacqueline M ; Vu, Quevy
82021Bacterial infections of the oropharynx and deep neck spaces: an investigation of changes in presentation patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic.Toppi, Jason; Hughes, Jed ; Phillips, Damien
92019Analysis of social media use among Australian and New Zealand otolaryngologists.Baird, Samantha M; Marsh, Philip A; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Smart, Philip ; Chow, Zenia 
10Feb-2018Bone wax extrusion through postauricular wounds: A case series.Baird, Samantha M; Teh, Bing M; Lim, Kelvin K M ; Campbell, Matthew C 
112018Review of epiglottitis in the post Haemophilus influenzae type-b vaccine era.Baird, Samantha M; Marsh, Philip A; Padiglione, Alex; Trubiano, Jason ; Lyons, Bernard; Hays, Andrew; Campbell, Matthew C ; Phillips, Damien