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Title: Excel Macro for Lung Volume Recruitment Counter Data (Omega Data Logger)
Austin Authors: Sheers, Nicole;Howard, Mark E;Ruehland, Warren R;Naughton, Phoebe;McKim, Douglas;Katz, Sherri L;Berlowitz, David J
Affiliation: Physiotherapy
Institute for Breathing and Sleep
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2021
Publication information: Excel Macro for Lung Volume Recruitment Counter Data (Omega Data Logger). (1.0). Zenodo.
Description: Lung volume recruitment (LVR) is a common respiratory therapy for people living with restrictive neuromuscular disease. LVR is important in acute respiratory compromise, during respiratory rehabilitation and as a preventative therapy. Cohort data associate LVR use with increased survival is diseases such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.1 While LVR is a commonly prescribed therapy, we have previously had to rely on self-report alone for any indication of adherence with prescribed therapy. This has significantly hampered both clinical decision making and research into effectiveness. In the paper from Canada and Australia that these data support, two large clinical services have collaborated to develop an objective LVR counter, to undertake extensive bench-testing, physiological testing, and to assess counter performance compared with diary self-report. The clinical validation was undertaken within a large, single-centre randomized controlled trial. The counter performed well and we believe the innovation will impact clinical care and research. These instructions, example output, and macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet are contined herein.Sheers, Nicole, Howard, Mark E, Ruehland, Warren R, Naughton, Phoebe, McKim, Douglas, Katz, Sherri L, & Berlowitz, David J. (2021). Excel Macro for Lung Volume Recruitment Counter Data (Omega Data Logger). (1.0). Zenodo.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4587973
Type: Dataset
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